Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings – A World Is In the Eyes of the Beholder

I wonder what Alice felt like when she landed in Wonderland. Okay, so she might have been a little sore from the fall, the wind might have been knocked out of her, and although they don’t tell you, she might have even come close to, you know, peeing her pants. I mean really falling down a hold in the side of a tree for what must have seemed like forever, well that’d be scary enough to make it happen.

But once she was there, once she’d taken the pills that made you tall and made you small, once she was walking in the woods along the trails, wonder what she thought. It’s not ever day you have animals talking to you. A rabbit who’s always late and Cheshire Cat whose smile is the last thing to disappear. Then there are the twins Tweedledee and Tweedledum and a caterpillar smoking his hookah pipe, which by the way must have made him feel all sorts of good, because that was one relaxed dude.

All of those…hmmm…unusual characters and Alice hadn’t yet met the Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts. The March Hare throws one crazy party. If there was ever a place where “food fight” could be a good word this is it.

I don’t recall her crying like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, calling out to her family members wanting to go home. Well, she did swim in the pool of tears, but let’s face it Dorothy cried for Auntie Em why more than Alice ever mentions home. Maybe there wasn’t time with all the zany moments happening around her, or maybe our Alice was wanderer, who loved a sense of adventure. Maybe this was the world she wished for instead of a boring get up, brush your teeth, get dresses and do the same thing all over again then next day. Growing up can be such a bummer.

Light bulb moment here – Maybe this is why we’re writers and readers, or both. It’s a time that we escape to our own wonderland. When I’m seeing as slate gray clouds with lightening flashing across them and huge peddles of rain falling as I write a scene, you might not see it exactly that way when you’re reading. Your sky may be more ominous, the sky more of a metallic gray with buckets of rain, flooding anything in its way. We always make up stories or get swept away into them. In a sense this is when we don’t have to be all grown up with the pressures of the real world around us.

Maybe our little Alice saw things way she wanted to see them. Perhaps the Mad Hatter wasn’t mad at all. Perhaps the Queen of Hearts was truly her school principal who enforced the rules or to detention you went.

Either way, Alice saw a world just as she wanted to see it, just as she was meant to see it. And that, my blog friends is the Wednesday wandering of the week.


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