Monday, June 11, 2007

Another Week in Paradise

There’s not much to tell this week. No pages written, the contest (I know will it ever end), is basically over and the office move it complete. Well, except for the carpenter ants crawling around. Ewe bugs!!! I hate bugs of any kind.

Our TARA meeting was awesome. Karen Rose’s husband, Martin, spoke on mental illness. Yes, you read correctly the one and only Karen Rose , master of suspense, don’t read the book before bed, author. She has wonderful resources within her own home. :)

My RS even has a new and better twist now. It’s really good and creepy at the same time. Fun, Fun!!!

Sunday was spent entering the contest scores into the category I coordinated, reading over the comments to make sure they were pc enough. We don’t ever tell someone something that would hurt them only help them. Of course I didn’t have to worry about any of my judges. After Julie Leto and Anne-Marie Carroll training they did awesome

Anyway, after that I read. I’m currently reading Raintree: Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones. The book is great. I read the first one Raintree: Inferno by Linda Howard (I can't find a link for Linda)close to the end of May so that meant I didn’t have to wait long for the second one but now I have to wait until July for Raintree: Sanctuary by Beverly Barton , which is the last one in the trilogy. I know July is not that far away but when the series is this good waiting is just so…hard. This is a series that I strongly suggest you read. Three different authors, each of them are writing one of the books in the series. They’re the type of book you can’t put them down – read in a day (no more than two) kind of books.

On our book challenge loop we are also doing the 100 words – 100 days. Doesn’t sound too hard. 100 words are really not that much. Right now I’m at 318 words.

All in all it was a great weekend and now I must write since this started on Sunday and I have to catch up. Just so you know in my defense I thought it started on Wednesday after our normal weekly check in. Insert big sheepish grin here.

So, how was your weekend? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to do? Or did you have a long lazy weekend, napping, reading, and swimming?

Oh and come back on Thursday for the Thursday Thirteen. Anyone have anything they’d like me to do for this weeks?

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,

Did you notice for someone with not much to tell this went a bit long. :)


Alyssa Goodnight said...

I had a busy weekend too! But I always make sure to get my 100 words a day in! ;)

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog!

Ava Rose Johnson said...

Whew, you did good this weekend.
Me, I did nothing, zilch, nada....
I had a crisis on Friday, which ended on Saturday. And since then I've been sleeping off the stress. I need to get back to work :)

Vicki said...

Yeah Alyssa!!! You got your words in, that's always a plus.

Ava I'm glad your crisis is over and I hope everything is okay now. It's amazing what our life issues can do to our writing. If you're not doing the 100 words-100 days why don't you join us? I know you can do it. :)

December/Stacia said...

You know, if I'd known how much fun you TARA people are, I would have moved there instead of England.

Vicki said...

We'd love to have you even though you're in England. We have several members that live abroad.

I'm so glad you stopped by and anytime you come to Florida plan to stop by a TARA meeting (2nd Sat. of the month).

Did I say I love your blog??? I do!!

ERiCA said...

It does start on Wednesday! Just some people were super eager. (Or maybe they were the productive type and were planning on writing anyway.) So I'm with you for the tomorrow launch!

Tempest Knight said...

My weekend was alright, getting ready for my cousin's surgery on Monday. So it was running from one place to another, making sure everything was taken care of and she could go to the hospital without worries.

So like you, I didn't do any writing either. Wow... a 100 words per day? I wish I could jump into a challenge like that. :) Have fun with it!

Vicki said...

Tempest I hope your cousin's surgery goes well...sending lots of get well vibes to her.

You should think about joining us. It's really not that hard. Your comments above had 67 words so you only needed 33 more to make the 100. Besides if you don't do one day that's okay too. But it does help to get us to write (more).

Anyway, we'd love to have you join.

I'm so glad you stopped by. And I love your blog. :)

Vicki Lane said...

Hello Vicki, I stumbled across your blog while wasting time on Google when I should have been writing. I also am Vicki Lane and, even weirder, I grew up in Tampa (graduated Plant High,'60) though we moved to NC in'75. Are we related - do you have Tampa family? I'm a mystery writer - The Elizabeth Goodweather Appalachian Mysteries from Dell -- but have only been at it for a few years. My third is coming out soon. Best of luck in this amazing world of writing. Vicki

Vicki said...

From one Vicki to another, welcome to my blog world. I'm so glad you stopped by. :)

I grew up in Tampa as well and graduated in '75 from Leto High. It should have been Hillsborough High but my parents moved in the middle of my junior year. Talk about not happy moments. From Hillsborough the home of the Bulldog and Plant High rival to Leto High (which at that time was still a new school with out much of the school spirit)

Actually Lane is my ex-husbands name so I'm not sure about an relation.

I found your site when I was looking for my domain name. Your books sound great and congrats on the third one coming out soon.

Will you be going to RWA conference in Dallas?

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks for the email and the nice words re my blog on Amazon. A lot of folks are reminded of grandparents and such by some of my characters.

No, I'm not going to Dallas -- is RWA is Romance Writers Assoc.? I'm not on that track -- my series is mystery -- psychological suspense. There's a bit of romance as well, but it's secondary.

I'll check back now and then to see what's up with you.
Vicki Lane (the mystery one)