Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh The Places I've Been and Want to Go To

Thursday Thirteen - All About Places

1. Rocky Mountain National Park – The rugged beauty of this place amazed me.
Every turn of the car brought another ooh and aww from everyone.

2. Sedona, AZ – Who knew cactus, is so beautiful. The red of the mountains is something that pictures cannot capture. The blue sky as the backdrop only accentuated the color.

3. Smokey Mountains in Tennessee – So there seems to be a mountain theme going on here. The mornings in the Smokey’s are awesome. To see the mist rising on them is magical in its own right.

4. Chicago – Pizza and Garrett’s Popcorn!!! It’s the best pizza and popcorn I’ve ever had. The Museum of Science and Industry is huge (or at least it was when I went). Then there is the zoo. I’m from Florida we don’t have zoo’s like that.

5. Destin, FL – My family lives there so that makes it special in its own right. The beaches are unbelievable. The water is that beautiful turquoise blue and the sand is like powdered sugar along with the dunes.

6. Buffalo, NY – Okay, so Buffalo is not the Big Apple but when I was there I went sledding (my first time ever) and had a blast. This may sound strange to some but cemeteries – well I had to take pictures of them. They are so old and the monuments are so cool. And then there’s Beef on Whack. Yummy!

7. Key West, FL – So the beaches are not all that, not really. The town is full of history (you know the fun kind that even if you’re not a history buff you’ll enjoy). When we went out on a fishing boat the dolphins racing along side us was a sight to remember. And then there are the sunsets – nothing like them. Of course the nightlife is pretty fun as well.

8. New Orleans – Say or think what you will this is one of my favorite towns. The city is both laid back and energized at the same time. It breaks my heart that there is so much of it still not put back to rights.

9. Ireland – I’d love to see the green of the land. To visit the local pubs and in general people watch.

10. Greece – OMG this is a place that every time I see the beaches on TV I want to be there.

11. New York, NY – I’ve never been, it’s hard to believe but I haven’t. I want to go to Broadway, take a carriage ride in Central Park, and go to Broadway again.

12. Hollywood, CA – Stars!! I want to see them. Anyone who really knows me knows that I’m not star-struck. I’ve worked along side many famous people and it’s not like I’m going to run up to them asking for autographs. I’d just like to see where they hang, shop, and go out to eat. See them in their normal life (as normal as their lives can be).

13. Hawaii – Beaches, mountains, and basically no bugs (or at least not the yucky ones we have here). I want to go to an authentic Luau.

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Alyssa Goodnight said...

Lots of good ones! I'd love to go to Hawaii, and I totally agree on the Rockies and the Smokies. NY City was new to me this year--it's quite a place!

Ava Rose Johnson said...

I'd love to go to Greece, it looks so beautiful!

Sarah said...

Hi Vicki! Yes, it's great finally being with my fiance again. It's been quite a trip here, though I've been feeling some home sickness for Florida here and there.

I have had a few piece of poetry and short short stories published. Nothing novel-lengthed yet. Though I'm trying!!

Here's one of the poems:

You have a great blog here! It's very informative. I'll definitely have to explore it some more. I love the Writing Tip of the Day. =)


Vicki said...

Sarah - I loved your poem. I'm so glad that you're enjoying your time over there. How long will you be gone? How's your current wip going? Even if you can't check in daily from there you should try the 100 words for 100 days. Its really great.

Julie S said...

Hi Vicki! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love that you included Buffalo on your list. That's my hometown and I have such a soft spot for it (I live in Orlando now). There are a lot of neat, historic places there. And I agree, the sledding is top notch :-)

Vicki said...

I posted this on your blog but just in case you come back here I wanted to tell you that I love Buffalo. That's where Science Guy is from and now I have Tim Horton's coffee shipped to us. :)

Sarah said...

Hey Vicki, thanks for the compliment on my poem. It's one of my favorites, too. I'll be here until July 27th and then I'm coming back to Florida. Hooray! My wip is doing okay. I'm into the editing mode, especially while I'm here where it takes place. Chance to get more research done on little things that I haven't been able to get research information on, and taking it in for the feel of the area. I can't wait to beat it into tip-top shape and start the querying process! =)

I told my fiance about the 100 words for 100 days, and he's going to do it. Today's going to be his starting point. I'm not certain that editing my current novel and trying to do 100 words for 100 days would be in my best interest. I wish I could. lol I have had a problem with getting distracted by new projects during the middle of ones I'm currently working on.

Keep me informed though!