Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Guest Blogger - Laurie Kapkowski

Before I introduce my guest I want to make sure everyone knows that Diana Peterfreund’s Under The Rose comes out today. Go out and get your copy today. On Friday I'll be having a give away as well.

I’m so excited to welcome my critique partner and excellent writer Laurie Kapowski to Writing with Vicki.

Laurie writes paranormal and long contemporary romance. Currently she is working on a paranormal that totally rocks. Since I’m her cp I get the honor to read (and critique) this wip. Trust me you are going to love this book when it’s published. Her characters are amazing and yep I’ve become vested in each and every one of them. I know you will too, especially since I see each of them having their own stories in the future. Yes Tru that means you too. He really wants his story now and Laurie has to tell him repeatedly to wait his turn.

Without further ado I turn it over to Laurie. Please welcome her in your comments at the end.

Thanks for joining Vicki and I as I guest blog on her sight. I had no idea what to write or who would want to read what I had to say, but here goes anyway.

I’ve pondered on the subject that I know all of us have gone through at one time or another in our lives. You’re asked to go somewhere and you want to go, but it’s not at the top of our list, but you love your friend so you go.

This is what happened to me when Vicki offered an extra ticket to see Chris Daughtry at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg. Oh don’t get me wrong – who wouldn’t want to see him – I mean really he is the hottest 20 something I’ve seen in a long time (scary that he’s closer to my daughters age than mine) so here I was feeling a bit old to be going to a concert where I was sure a bunch of screaming teenagers would look at the ‘old’ lady and wonder why she was there and trying to look young, but really who cares it was all about having fun, right?

Now here is the in interesting part. Once I started really loosening up I realized I had the stage for a scene in my book and a soundtrack to go with it. The funny thing is it had nothing to do with Mr. Hottness, but the opening acts that really influenced me and my writing. I am a huge music person and my tastes are extremely eclectic so it didn’t surprise me to be enjoying where I was, who I was with and the atmosphere surrounding me, but was pleasantly surprised that I loved both bands almost more than Daughtry. So far two of the tracks on the Eve to Adam CD have sparked ideas for my characters and talk about HOT – the lead singer needs to be on the cover of a book (hopefully mine) ;-)

So the moral here is open up your mind and all of your senses to every experience because you never know what you will get out of it.

Happy Writing
Laurie Kapkowski


Anonymous said...

Hey Vicki and Laurie. Great topic. I so agree with you that writing ideas can come from anywhere. It's those voices in the head. lol Josie and I have been married for years and years, and daily he'll come up with this SC saying that has me running for paper and pencil.

Going to the mall and airport studying people, have been instrumental in developing character sketches. Every new name I hear, I do research on the origin and place it in a file to use later in naming characters.

I'll take anything to spark something that goes from having blank pages to voila' print on them.


Ava Rose Johnson said...

Yes, I am definitely with you about the soundtrack. I find muisc a great way to find a tone for a scene.

Vicki-you've been tagged (I'm so sorry,lol). check out my blog for the details

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Anne-Marie! I swear though one of my characters only gives me new topics if I'm at the mall - and then look out because I can write for days. You just never know when it will hit you and when it's unexpected all the more reason to enjoy the scene unfold.
Thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

Ava Rose -
I believe we have a sound track in life so why shouldn't our characters. Thanks for stopping by to chat.