Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Favorite TV Shows

Thirteen Things about Favorite TV Shows

1. Hero’s – I’ve said this before but the writers on this show amaze me. Anyone who is writing should watch this program. The way they weave the conflicts are great. Each main characters internal and external conflict is shown along with how it ties into the main plot. The pacing is quick and the hooks always leave you wanting more.

2. 24 – So this wasn’t my favorite season but I love the show. Jack is always making it happen. My only problem with the show is some of my favorite characters were killed. I totally get it. They had done all they could to move the plot along but I miss them.

3. Big Brother – This is a show that every season I say I’m not going to watch. Then someone at work starts telling me about who’s on and what’s going on and yep, I get sucked in. It becomes really interesting to see who is playing the game and how well they play. I know we all get mad at the way some play but it’s a game and they’re all on there to win.

4. American Idol – It’s all about singing. What can I say? I love singing, really good singing that is. I do wish the rules would change at least until it’s down to the final twelve. I think the judges should have more of an actual impute on who stays and who goes until it gets to the ones who will be on the tour.

5. Hell’s Kitchen – Love this show. Anyone who has ever worked as a wait staff can tell you that the kitchen is the crazy place to be. The head chef will curse you out, tell you how horrible you are, and then go have drinks with you after work. Since Chef Ramsey has been on my day job I also know that he really is a great person. Some I’m sure don’t like him on the show but hey he’s giving the winner a chance of a lifetime and they’ve got to have it all in order to make the place work once they win.

6. So You Think You Can Dance – the people on this show amaze me with their talents. I’d love to be able to dance like them. Okay, so that’s not going to happen, instead I dance vicariously through them. One of the best things about the show is the judges impute into who stays and who goes. They know so much more about this than most of the voters so I say absolutely be a part of the vote.

7. Ugly Betty – What can I say. This is just plain fun. You’ve got your girl that everyone is rooting for, the boss that’s great, and the boss that wants to take over everything. Lot’s of conflict and yet lot’s of laughs.

8. House Hunters – I like to see the houses their looking at and pick the one I think they’ll buy. Of course it’s usually the one that I would buy if it was me. Also I just love seeing how people decorate their homes. Can you say ideas?

9. Rachelle Ray – She’s funny in a down-home kinda way. Her meals always rock and I love hearing her talk about her family.

10. Rock Star – Love this show. There has been some great talent come across it. I guess you have to like rock music to get it but then I like all kinds of music. Hearing the band who is looking for the next lead singer’s take each week is fun. And then there’s Dave Navarro. I know some of you will think I’m crazy but he’s hot in his own right.

11. That 70’s Show – I didn’t watch this show when it was first on so I’ve had fun catching up on all the espiodes. Since I was in high school in the 70’s so much of this rings true that it’s just plain fun.

12. Malcolm In The Middle – The show is just plain funny to me.

13. Seinfeld – Love the characters and how they interact with each other. I still want to see the “ugly baby” though.

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Sarah said...

I've finally decided to try my hand at Thursday Thirteen-ing. You've convinced me!

Vicki said...

Sarah -'s fun and you get to know others online too!! I'm on my way to check it out. :) I'll add you to the link.

Sarah said...

Thanks! I'm glad that I joined, too. I didn't know that they were so thought provoking. I started at 4:04PM and finished at 5:50PM. I couldn't believe it.

There are still so many places I'd like to go. I've been to the Chicago airport a few times, but I'd love to go out into the city, and plus I've never been to New York or not really any of the New England area. Probably the only part of the U.S. I've yet to conquer (besides from Oregon and Washington state). My dream is to rent/buy an RV and travel to all of the 50 states (okay, the 49 states that I could technically drive to and fly to Hawaii.) And then there's Europe... lol

How's your wip going btw? Well, I hope! Not too much else I can think of at the moment. Now that I've done my procrastination of the day I think I need to go edit now. Thanks for introducing me to the Thursday Thirteen!


Vicki said...

Traveling around the states. Sounds like a great reason for research. :)

My current wip is going well. I like the direction my character have taken it. Different then where I thought it was going but much better. :)

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I'm a HUGE Seinfeld fan (in fact, I've done several T13's about it in the past), and I love That 70's Show and 24. Most of the others I haven't seen.

Oh, and I really like Rachel Ray's $40 A Day--I'm taking notes for future travels.

Vicki said...

Alyssa - I like Rachel Ray's $40 A Day too. I love how she goes to all those places. Talk about a nice job.

If blockbuster has Hero's first season this summer you really should rent it. The pace is very fast. In fact the first two weeks I keep telling Science Guy I can't watch this. But then I was sucked in and omg it's amazing. He loved it too. But for a writer you really get what all they had to do in this show. Check it out. :)

Julie S said...

I just started watching Heroes - the network has all the episodes available on the website so I watch them online while I use my elliptical (it's the only thing that gets me to exercise consistently). What a great show!

Vicki said...

Julie - don't you just love Hero's? The more I watched the show the more the writer in me watched it. SG would have to tell me stop, enjoy the show and then think writing and what they did later. :)

IMHO the show gives any one writing great conflict and pacing.

OpenChannel said...

My husband and I actually sold our television when we moved. He was writing his thesis at the time and I was starting a new screenplay.

We have not missed it. (even though I was addicted to 24, the Daily Show, and What Not to Wear)

Then we discovered the power of YouTube. And the fact that we can watch espisodes of the Daily Show and others on the Internet.

There's no escape!

OpenChannel said...

Oh, forgot to ask...

How does this work? Do they give the same Thursday 13 out to everyone or do you pick from several or do you make up your own?

I glanced at their website, but it wasn't clear right away.

I'm thinking about it...

Vicki said...

I know the internet is a wonderful thing I couldn't live without it. Well I guess I could but I wouldn't want to. :)

Most all of the shows have feeds through the web now. There is no escape.

For the Thursday Thirteen you pick anything you want to write about. Thirteen, writing, fav colors, music...anything. It's a cool way to get to know our fellow bloggers.

Hope you decide to join next week. :D

Julie S said...

I totally agree about Heroes, Vicki. I love the interconnectedness of it all. The writers did an amazing job crafting the story and developing memorable characters.