Monday, July 21, 2008

I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane…

Okay, not exactly today, but one week from tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane heading to SF for the RWA conference. I’m so excited! Well, maybe not about the long flight (with a layover), but about being in SF with so many writers.

This is the once a year time, to reconnect with writer’s who we normally talk via email, phone, and/or blogs. It’s also the time to meet new writer friends. And people ask you what you write sometimes before they even ask your name. When you say romance you know it will be welcomed and they’ll tell you what they write.

The Lit signing is exciting with so many authors in one room, signing their books. Since this part of RWA conference is open to the public you might be standing in a line with a writer or perhaps a reader. There is still a commonality between you. Both of you want to speak with the author and have her sign your book.

One of the great things you’ll learn (if this is your first time) is even the big name authors are people, just like you and me. No, really, they are. I’m not kidding. And they love to talk to you as much as you love to talk with them.

And then there is this little thing called the Agent/Editor appointments. Heehee…it’s not little and although it’s not the “be all or end all” of our careers, we worry about the appointments.

So, I’m working on my pitch, trying to make a list of clothing (and shoes) to pack, and taking care of the normal things that must be done before I leave Science Guy for the trip.
Packing. Me, packing for a trip. If you know me, then you know I always bring to much stuff. I like choices. This is going to be even more difficult this year since SF weather is or can be cold in one area and hot in another. Which is not so good considering the airlines either charge for more than one bag (some charge for even one) or they really don’t want you to bring more than one bag to check.

What about you? If you’re a writer are you attending this year’s conference? Did you go to last years? What do you love the most about them?

WW’s and PD’s,


Jill James said...

Vicki, hope to see you in SF. I was in Dallas last year, and I'll be there this year. So excited not to have to fly this year. Just an hour drive away.

Bring warm clothes, it has been very foggy and chilly in SF this past week.

Liza said...

I'm a reader only, so I won't be in SF, but know y'all will have the best time! Can't wait to read about all the fun times. Good luck with the flight. Make sure any bags are under 50 pounds or you will be charged extra for the bag. My brother found out his last flight only allowed 1 free checked bag and 2 carry-ons. It was $25 for the first extra bag and $50 for any other.

Vicki said...

Jill - we have to catch up with each other. I'll be in Sherry's line for a while I'm sure. :) Ash's book maybe will be there???

Liza - I'm so glad you're here and we'll tell you all about it. Also, as always there'll be lots of book contest when I come back. Some of my published friends always send me back with books for you guys. :)

Thanks for the tip on the luggage, I'll be calling the airlines tomorrow.

Vicki's Daughter said...

It's totally unfair that you are going to California before me - considering my state borders it and all. Wish I could go with you...

That said...SOMEONE needs to write a book...specifically one I would like to read...and pronto. Between finishing yours and the SSG series, I'm totally stuck. You know I stink at going to B&N and picking one - WAY too many choices there. Talk about over stimmulation! Back off the rabbit trail...I have one more week before school gets going for real and I would totally love to spend it in some books! Maybe you'll find one for me in SF. Love you! :o)