Monday, July 14, 2008

Vicki’s Wildlife Sanctuary

Okay, maybe not so much a wildlife sanctuary, but we do seem to invite animals into our yard. We have the normal lizards, well, normal might be true. The lizards that are very dark with some spots of white running through them live on the right side of the patio and the lighter gray lizards with a black line running down their backs live on the right side. Funny thing is they know where they live and if one of them tries to go the other side then all of sudden there are several bigger lizards running to form a line as if to say, yeah, don’t go there.

Then we have two lizards that sleep in our bamboo house plant which Science Guy placed outside. Each night they come and climb up the plant, find a leaf and go to sleep.

You remember the black snake? Well, he/she was back yesterday, curling around the top of the iron fence, trying to eat a lizard. I didn't get the pic of the snake, but this is the fence it was on.

Needless to say I was sitting out there and this snake wasn’t afraid of me at all. Nope, it just weaved its way around the fence as nonchalant as you please. Science Guy did chase it away, not harming it, but away from where I sat.

And then we have a mommy duck, who is sitting on her eggs.

In the beginning she would stay for a short while and then be gone for hours. After researching it on the net, I found this was normal and she’d soon sit on the eggs without leaving them.

About a week ago, I was sitting on the patio and she flew into the pool, swam around (yes, she thinks it’s her private pool) and then flew straight to me. She was apparently hungry. Since I didn’t have duck food, I gave her hamburger buns. She loved it, but it’s basically just fatten for them. Yep, had to research the net again and found that plain Cheerio’s was good for them. So, we bought Cheerio’s.

The thing is the babies will not be able to fly for at three weeks according to what I researched. And I live in Florida. We have hawks! Okay, so lots of places have hawks, but I don’t want to see these babies be taken by them. I told Science Guy we’d need to buy a baby wading pool for them to get into until they can fly and food and maybe…call the Wildlife preserve to see if they want to come and get the babies.

Sassy and Meisha don’t understand why they can’t go out in the backyard and play with the mommy duck or just play around in general. Sassy, the 6 pound Chihuahua, saw her yesterday and began shaking like a leave in a strong hurricane, and began whining. Did I tell you she whines like a little piggy? She does. Didn’t make the momma duck to happy.

Science Guy hadn’t mowed the side of the yard where the eggs are for two weeks. A jungle you say??? Yep, it was becoming a jungle on side of the property. Florida sun and Florida rain, means cutting your yard at least once a week, maybe more. Needless to say it scared the momma duck, she flew off, and I spent the next hour worrying about the eggs. She came back. He said she would.

Now to figure how to put any of this in a book. Heehee, I’m always wondering and plotting how to incorporate something into a book. :)

So what about you? Have wildlife in your backyard? Does stuff like this make you think of how to use it in a book?

WW’s and PD’s,

Did you notice the snake and lizards pics were smaller?


Malicious Intent said...

Well you know I love snakes! If you have a black snake that means you have other critters like mice. But be warned, he/she will find the eggs and baby ducks to be a nice bit to add to the buffet. So try to keep the snake away from the babies till they can fend for themselves. Just keep the snake though, its free and clean extermination of unwanted pests. They are harmless and I have had them as pets. Very nice.

Right now we have a family of rabbits hanging out in our yard. So I didn't plant any tomatos or eggplant, etc. They just eat it all before it has a chance to grow. I don't mind them moving in, but I do mind spending money on me and they go eating my salad!

I posted my story on August Moon's site about my experience. WE are working together to get his site going so please encourage visitors. I think you would really like this guy. Truly a gentlemen with some serious talent and just fun to be with. He loves the header I created for him and the colors etc. I hope he likes what I blogged about on his site....but it's nothing but praise.

Nice pics and enjoy the critters!

Vicki said...

MI - that's what I told Science Guy and keeps telling me the snakes head isn't that big, so his mouth wouldn't be able to eat the eggs or the baby ducks.

Although you know I so what afraid of snakes (okay alot), I do know they're good for keeping away other things. My neighbors went through a hugh remodel and the one thing they left is this ratty shed in the back corner (our side) of the property. There's a privacy fence but from what I can see of it, it's pretty old and needs to go. I've seen a couple of mice/rats over on it a couple of times, but since Mr. Slither has come around I haven't see any over there and that's a cool thing.

Awww, rabbits, I used to go to the pool when I lived in a condo and feed the rabbits who would come out a night. One would actually come close to you, not take the food from you, but still it was great to see them. I totally get the not planting thing though. :)

I'm going to go check out your blog post. I loved his art work alot!

Karen Lingefelt said...

Vicki, I loved this. "Mr. Slither" must have thought he'd blend in very nicely with that black iron fence. It would startle me to see him there; I'd think the fence was moving!

That's so sweet about the duck family. It appears from the pictures you have a beautiful yard. It's no wonder everyone--be they human, animal, bird or reptile--wants to hang out there!