Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kristy Dykes, You will forever be missed and you will forever be loved

Today the world lost an amazing woman. Although Kristy Dykes is known and loved by many, she is not by the worlds standards a famous person.

She lived her life as a woman of unwavering faith. A wife and mother, she adored her family and they in turn adored her. She gave of herself to their church family, praying with people, teaching her faith, crying at the alter with sadness for someones trials, and weeping for joy with someone for their happiness.

And she wrote amazing inspirational Christian romances. She leaves behind a legacy uncommon in today's society. Her words will remain alive with the people she has touched and we will miss her greatly.

Yet, even in our sadness it's hard not to let the small tilt to our lips grow to a full blown smile as we picture her dancing on streets of gold and singing her praises to her heavenly father.

My heart goes out to her family and I pray that the peace that passes understanding will be yours.

We will miss you Kristy, but we will see you again and for now, we'll remember all you have taught us.


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