Tuesday, July 1, 2008

WhooHoo, it's time for Fireworks!!

It’s July!!! Summer time fun is abounding everywhere. The pool parties, the cookouts, the lazy mornings spent lying on a beach towel reading the just released book, cold drinks served by the cabana boy, a misting fan blowing gently back and forth, and the house cleaning…oh crap, I didn’t mean to add in the house cleaning…now the dream is gone. Shattered, the cabana boy I was sending to the pool area is now hiding in some godforsaken place and won’t come out until I promise its long cool fruity alcohol driven drink time.

Okay, so summer already started, but there’s something about July that really says summertime to me. It’s not the weather since we have ‘hot’ most of the year round. Shorts and air conditioning is not an uncommon thing even at Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about July 4th. I love the fireworks, the cook outs and just plain ole fun of relaxing and doing what you want. I’ve seen fireworks from the top of a building, lying on a blanket at the eighteenth hole (okay, I don’t really know which hole it was) on a golf course, from the backyard, and from the beach. They have all been spectacular, but the beach, WOW. It’s like you get a double whammy. You see them in the sky and reflecting in the water.

This year, Science Guy and I are chilling. Yep, we’ll cook out and maybe go swimming in the pool and then decide if we want to mess with the traffic to go watch the sparkles or sit in the backyard and see them there.

The weekend promises to hold fun and do what I what time, which is always a nice deal. Will I write? Yes. How much? I’m not sure. Will I read? Yes, I’ve already got the book ready to go.

What about you. Any big plans for the weekend or are you staying close to home and doing the whole relax while you can thing?

WW’s and PD’s,


Patricia W. said...

No big plans. Burgers and hot dogs. We'll head over to Channelside in the evening.

Funny. The 4th signals summer to you. I've always looked on it with mixed feelings. For me, it signals summer is half over. Time to get moving and do all those things I dreamed of during the winter. Before I know it the school year resumes and it's 10 months before summer begins again.

Liza said...

My sister, her kids, and I are going to my dad's for the weekend. Only plans for the 4th are to grill out hamburgers and hotdogs and go see the fireworks in the city park(very small town). Will be a big change for me since I'm usually in Nashville for the big show.

Kealie Shay said...

We too live in a place where it is hot year round. It's hard to get up the energy to head out with the kids. BUT, this year we ARE going over to the base to see their fireworks display, and join all our heroes in celebrating the fourth.

Hope you have a grand time whatever you and Science Guy plan on doing.

Vicki said...

Patricia - I know what you mean. When my kids were little I felt the same way, but now that their grown and on their own it's different for me.

Hope you guys have a wonderful 4th!

Vicki said...

liza - that sounds like a fab weekend. I love the family weekends.

Kealie - there is something about the hot weather that makes it hard to get out. When the evening is still hot and humid we crave our AC. Still seeing fireworks from a base sounds really cool.