Thursday, July 24, 2008

T – Minus 5 days and Counting

OMG, it’s only 5 days till I leave for Nationals. I haven’t shopped, made a packing list, or nailed my pitch.

Normally, I’m good with the packing thing. I make a list from head to toe of what I’ll need, usually way more than I do, and it’s a done deal. This year, not so much. Airlines (most) charge for a second bag and some charge for any and all bags. I’m trying to do this packing thing in one suitcase. Laurie and AM, I can hear you laughing. Heehee…it’s true, one suitcase is very hard for me. As I’ve said before I like choices.

Then there is this ‘little’ thing called Pitching and to a dream agent, no less. Again, I’m not the nervous type. I get it, this will not break my career. But come on, I’ve got to have something ready to go. And really, it’s not my current novel I’m worried about. It’s what I need to have ready in case she doesn’t like AT&B, and wants to know what else I’m working on.

I need to shop still. I mean every girl needs something new, right? Just because most of the people at nationals has never seen any of my clothes doesn’t mean I don’t need something new. So it looks like Saturday is going to be busy. Pedicure (yes, I know it may be too cold to wear open toed shoes, but still…), maybe a manicure, buying the groceries for the house while I’m gone, (Science Guy has to eat), cleaning said house before I’m gone (yes, Science Guy will probably mess it up), and shopping. Whew…I’m tired already and it hasn’t even started.

Sleep. It’s too bad you can’t bank extra sleep hours. If you’ve not been to nationals and this is your first one, then don’t plan on getting much of the shut up. It doesn’t happen. You’re to keyed up from just talking to New York Best Sellers (way to many to name) and editors/agents (hoping to pitch, but NEVER IN THE BATHROOM), meeting the people you talk to on the net….(the list goes on), to sleep. So don’t plan on it. Truth be told you’ll not really miss the sleep until you’re on the plane headed home.

One of the best things about Nationals is how pumped you are to write when you leave. You’ve heard what’s happening in the market, what your dream editor or agent is looking for, and you’ve talked with well known, many times over authors, who share their journey to success with you.

Yep, 5 days and I’m outta here and on my way there. I can’t wait!

WW’s and PD’s,
Vicki, who really is working on my pitch.


Liza said...

Lots of work before, but just think of all the fun you will have when you get to SF. Wish I could be there too. Can't wait to hear about everyone's trip.

Leigh Russell said...

This sounds really exciting.

Jill James said...

Vicki, I'm so not ready either. This weekend will definitely be 'crunchtime'. LOL

Patricia W. said...

San Franciso, here you come!

You're stressed but it always gets done, right? Because you get on that plane. And whatever isn't done, well, it just has to wait until you get back or it gets eliminated.

So enjoy the pre-trip flurry of activity, then enjoy the trip even more!

Vicki's Daughter said... suitecase...I want pictures! hehe You'd better not do any shopping while you're there...goodness knows you won't have any extra room! Where oh where will you put all of of those free goodies??