Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - While You Wait

It’s been forever since I’ve done a Thursday Thirteen and this one seems to be appropriate for my life as of now. Although my oldest child is still waiting for one dedicated solely to her. This is not it.

Thirteen things to do while the queries are out there.

1. Write another book

2. Try not to freak out when you realize you forgot to change a word on page 29 and you know it’s wrong, and there is nothing you can do about it now.

3. Start your next book

4. Research your new world, cut out pictures of hot guys for your hero, and beautiful women for heroine. Paste them everywhere, especially the hot hero’s.

5. Call CP and tell her you know you’re going to die, because it’s been a few days and you haven’t heard anything yet.

6. If you’re a plotter, get those sticky notes written on the board for your new book, if you’re a pantser…hmmmm….then take some colored sticky’s and just put them on the board (yes, without words, but use colors for the H/H, black moment, sexual moments and so forth.)

7. Buy your favorite wine and watch an old movie – I mean really, what else is there in life. You’re writing must suck since it’s been what a week and still no word.

8. Wake up and smile. The character’s are beginning to take shape for the new book

9. Call your CP and tell her to get ready, you’re going to have stuff for her by the end of the week.

10. Bang head on desk as the next scene will not cooperate and you’re sure your relatively short writing career is over, turn slightly and give the disturb-me-and die look to anyone, including the dogs that enter your office.

11. Remember Nora’s famous words, “You can’t fix a blank page. Write something you can fix it later

12. Tell your DH you need more wine, chocolate, ice cream, and a weight watchers frozen meal for dinner. (you gotta counter act the calories somewhere)

13. Check your email for the hundredth time (okay maybe more) and then take a deep breath, flex your fingers, tell your muse you love her and you’re really ready and then let the words flow. Don’t worry about what’s out there, because this is new and you’ve come a long way since you wrote the first word on the manuscript that’s sitting out there waiting to be read.

What about you? Any of the above sound familiar? Leave your comments to be entered into this week’s contest.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hi Vicki!

I'm here...checking out the Thursday 13! Cute idea.


Jill James said...

What to do while waiting?

Get manicure so nails look too good to chew up.

Vicki said...

Hawk, glad you like the T13.

Heehee Jill, I like that one. :)

Houston A.W. Knight said...

13 things while waiting - I've got a few I'm doing right now. How about cleaning an already super clean house again for the 13th time.
Baking like there's no tomorrow, but can't eat a bit because I'm too nervous, and way too busy watching the e's for THAT REPLY letter to come in. It's been 17 or more days!!!!
I drink at least 13 cups of coffee a day (hey, you've got to do something while you wait!) But I'm thinking about changing to something stronger - this waiting is killing me!
But the thing I do most while I wait's the easiest to do while doing it all the other things.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Vicki - it's way too early in the morning for me to be posting as you can see in the above e. and I can't remember how to edit the post - but the word BITE doesn't have the e and the word IT on the last line should be deleted.'s all this worrying that's keeping me awake at night so my brain is whacked.