Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And Along Came Sadie...X-Posted

I've been working on Annie's book, which is the second in the After Thoughts series. Although it's a series, it is a stand alone and I've written the synopsis. In other words, I know what's supposed to happen in this book. Yet, I'm stuck. Okay, maybe stuck isn't the correct word. It's more like I'm dreading it when I sit down in front of the computer.

When I finished ATB, which is the first in the stand alone series, I took several weeks off writing. We're trying to buy a house, my son moved back in with us, and life in general was in the way. Add to that, my last edits on ATB included a 20,000 word cut. Needless to say, my brain was a tad fried and I needed the break. Just not two weeks. By the time I was ready to write, the habit of writing every day wasn't there. It became very easy to come home from work, fix dinner, and sit with Science Guy watching the TV.

That is until this past week. That's when Sadie appeared.

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Don't forget LKap has a great giveaway this week. She'll be back on Thursday to tell you more about it. In the meantime, check out yesterday's post by LKap if you missed it.

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Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


LKap said...

I just love Sadie already - nope no spoilers here :-)
All I can tell you is TLIAV...LOL
Mean I know, but it will be worth the wait

Vicki said...

Heehee LKap, you not only know Sadie, but a couple of lines you gave her are ROTFLOL ones.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey V -

Left my comment on the other site... Great blog this week!

So Sadie, hum....guess Annie's just going to have to get in line. LOL