Thursday, February 5, 2009

LKap's Ramblings

So first off….
We are finally out of Retrograde – YEHAW!!! I’m just sayin’ that was a long 3 weeks. Now we have four months where life is on the upswing – all I can say is it’s about time. That was a rough start to the New Year.

Which is a good segue into why I believe my house should be torched instead of cleaned. Okay, all you insurance adjusters don’t get all crazy on me. I have nowhere else to go and I do love my house, but dang it all…. Cleaning really bites!

Now I’ve raved about my HHB, and I will continue to do so. The man can clean and cooks (and other things that shall remain nameless:)) like no body’s business – when he wants to. But, so the picture is clear in your head, first I must tell you he’s a handyman by trade. He can do it all—just not on his own house (okay I’ll give him a break, it also takes money). Picture a Mechanic with broken down cars in their drive – yeah, you’re seeing my dilemma now. But cleaning still has to happen.

I also have a lot of dogs and a cat – they shed. So I vacuum and mop. I live close to the highway. So I dust. There are also three other humans living in this house. Bathrooms must be cleaned. So guess where that leaves me?

Yep, doing most, if not all, of it. Now if I lived alone I’d have to do it all myself anyway. I get that, really I do. Somewhere in the rational part of my mind I do. But there are things I loathe doing, but guess what…I gotta do them or I’d never have a clean fork in my house.

It’s the daily stuff that really gets me. Doing the dishes – yep I have a dishwasher, but that doesn’t help with the part I really hate—which is putting them away. Doing laundry – easy enough task, right? Sure tell that to the pile of clothes waiting to fall over on top of my dresser. Clean windows – as long as you think dog’s tongues are clean, we’re good.

I tell you my woos, because I used to have a spotless house – when I didn’t work full time and trying to do this writing gig. Ahhhh those were the days—not. Now I’m pursuing a dream I gave up on and right now all I have is a messy house to show for it. But someday….

I’ll have a deadline and I won’t be able to find my computer under the mess. (Just keeping’ it real)

Tell me—what is it you don’t like to do?


Brandy W said...

I hate doing just about any chore involving cleaning. Since its just me and the three kids right now I'm stuck with it all. Getting the 10 y/o to actually be responsible for the trash...forget it. We have the same talk twice a week. Ah the joys of being the responsible adult in the house.

LKap said...

Funny me and my daughter were talking last night, she said, she'd rather put the dishes away then wash them - yeah it went nowhere when I said that was now her daily gotta love them.

Vicki said...

OMG, thank the stars we're out of Retrograde!

I never like cleaning, but I love the results afterwards. Science Guy is pretty neat (except for the room he uses for his office/music), I don't go in there much. :)

LKap said...

Love the results too - just can't seem to keep them that way for long though. LOL

Lisa said...

LKap - I love the new picture by the way, it makes me long for warm sunny days. I am with you on the gripe about housework piling up when you have WAY better things you want to be doing. The older I get, the less time there seems to be in a day! If I could only transport myself into the perception of time I had when I was 5 or 6. Then, I could probably get more done. Kudos for bringing your dream into reality; regardless of all the drudgery that gets in the way!

LKap said...

Thanks Lisa for stopping by - ah t be young and no responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

i may in fact be a neat freak but that only extends into organization and the lack of clutter. If you were to examine my floors, counters, furniture more closely you would see that I have invested a lot of time in protecting them with an ultra tough practically inpermeable layer of dust!

Its all in how you look at see dirt I see protection!!!!!

Love Ya (btw - i have no account but this is Tara)

Anonymous said...

Hey LKap - I actually like Thursdays now (they were always the non-descript day of the week to me) but now I love getting online & reading what you have to say. It's so funny to have known you for all these years (got you pegged)& now get to see what really goes on in your head - outside of the freudian slips in our weekly meetings (oh, did I say that out loud????) Hee hee...anyway - to comment on your ramblings today - exactly who are the 3 other "people' in the house - I count 3 total - you got someone living in the attic??? (if so, give em a broom!!) And, I have to say Im the odd ball, I love cleaning - yes it piles up with a 4 year old! I amidt it - Ive actually used vacation days to clean! It's therapy for me - gets out all my frustrations and calms my somewhat OCD mind. Not that Im a neat freak. This is how I look at it: 1) it aint going anywhere 2)clean only after you have all the important things in life out of the way for the day 3) everyone makes it dirty, so everyone helps clean it and 4)if all else fails - only clean when you know people are coming over!!! Oh yeah - back to the original question - I love "picking up -putting away" & sorting through things...hate folding laundry & putting dishes away. Wink :) JP

LKap said...

Tara - I know you don't have a protective layer - but it made me laugh all the same. Luv you too ;-)

JP - You are the most organized person I know and would pay you to clean my house. The third person is Jess' boyfriend - he needed a place to stay and you know Mike doesn't know how to say no to baby ;-)

Anne-Marie said...

Laurie, you made me laugh.I have to admit, my name is Anne-Marie and I love to clean. After I vacuum, it's so neat to see footprints in the carpet. lol No, but seriously, I vacuum every day because I have 3 pups, and one of them is a 24/7 365 shedder.

Love ya.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

LOL, Laurie!

O.K., let me bust a bubble...if you lived alone, you'd only have to clean one bathroom, not two, and you wouldn't have to clean it as often. If you lived alone, you'd only have 1/4 of the laundry to do and you'd have money for JC shoes....but, who wants to live alone?

I'd rather live in a mess and enjoy life with my family.

So here's to a messy house and a great life, right?


LKap said...

AM - You do love to clean I just can't understand it, really I can't..LOL, but it's a necessity that must be done. So I do it grudgingly. Thanks for stopping by.

Hawk – I know you’re a cleaner, and you’ve also seen my But yes I would rather live life than clean. Hugs, thanks for coming to see me.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

I would rather write and read than clean the house. If you saw my house, you'd know that the writing and reading definitely win the toss. :)

I love your photo, Laurie. You look great. Welcome to the world of blogging. It's fun. :)

LKap said...

Cynthia - thanks so much for stopping by. Yep that's the reason my house looks the way it does. Glad I'm not the only one.