Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Saw My Character at the Greek Festival...X-Posted

Science Guy and I went to a Greek Festival on Saturday and the oddest thing happened. Yes, he bought me some jewelry, but that’s not what’s odd about this.

We’d walked around the booths, sampled a bit of Greek food (very yummy), and had decided to sit outside and people watch for a bit. It was such a beautiful late afternoon, the atmosphere festive, and the area was full of children running around while parents called out to them in Greek. Little side note here: I thought that was totally cool, since I live in Florida to hear the language all around me.

Anyway, there we sat talking about…hmmm…not really sure what we were talking about, although I’m sure it was a great conversation. :) Usually is when we talk as Science Guy is quite shy around others but with me, we talk about all sorts of stuff.
Where was I? Oh yes, sitting outside watching people (sorry, a little rabbit trail there), when this guy comes near us to grabbed some empty chairs and mouths hello to me. I, of course, mouthed back hi. Then I watched him. Height, around 5’11’’. He was dressed in black pants, black boots, black shirt with a design on the back (seeing a theme here?), a black cape (no really, he had a short black cape), and a black beret.

He takes the chairs a short distance from where we were and sat them at table where his friend had sat their plates. Sitting down his left arm lifted in the air very dramatic like and he crossed his legs and laughed. As I continued watching him I felt like I knew him and knew him well. Which was crazy since I’d never met the man in my life.

That’s when it hit me. Yep, it's Tuesday, gotta click here to read the rest. Or you can click on the title.

So, go read the rest, leave your comment there and come back and tell us here what you think.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Houston A.W. Knight said...


ME TOO, but they're not always charcater from a book I'm writing...sometimes their friends from like souls...you know what I mean? Maybe a past life.


Brandy W said...

I think it's pretty cool that he was all for the pictures. So does he look like your Simon? What you really had in mind or was it the clothing and personality?

Vicki said...

Hawk - Really? Wow. That's never happened to me.

LKap said...

Of course - you were with me. Music blaring, major hot guy ripping is shirt off, the man and the venue were both a backdrop for my WIP.;-)

Vicki said...

Brandy - He looks exactly like my Simon. From his clothing to the way his hands moved.

Malicious Intent said...

That is truly amazing. I have characters in my life, but I have no book for them. But trust me, they are all characters! Actually, if you came here and stayed for a week and followed me around, you could inventory yourself several worthy characters and shelve them till needed for a nice inventory to select from. :)