Monday, March 30, 2009

America’s Next Top Model Marathon

I think I must have taken L’s post to heart. The ‘Me Time’ doesn’t happen often, but yesterday I had the house to myself from 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM. Science Guy isn’t back until tomorrow (YAY!!!) and Jgolfer was in Orlando at the golf tournament.

You’d think I would have written all day, or at least cleaned the house. It’s so much easier to do without anyone around.

Nope. Instead, I did a couple of loads of laundry, some light general cleaning, and then watched American’s Next Top Model. The marathon version of season eight (I think).

Until 11: 20 (Tivo) last night.

This isn’t a show I normally watch, just a catch an episode here or there. But yesterday I was hooked. And I learned something.

Tyra Banks kept asking the girls, “Do you really want it?” Even when you’re in a freezing pool for a photo shoot and you feel like crap, do you really want it? There was one girl who took great photo’s, knew all about the business, knew exactly what the ‘right’ thing to say was, but the judges weren’t sure if she truly handle the real side of the business. She was perfect in so many ways, but dealing with the hardships of the business is another thing all together.

This got me to thinking about writing. Even when we know all the right things to say, have researched the business, and can write a really great book (strong voice). Do we really want it? And if we do, are we ready to actually deal with the business side of it. Or having a reader, who we’ve never met, perhaps not like the book and give us a bad review. Can we take the criticism that’s will surely come, the deadlines that will haunt our sleep and steal our time, and yes, the fame (albeit small in the beginning) of seeing our names on the cover?

For me? Yes. Very simple answer, but it says it all.

What about you? Do you want something really bad? Are you willing to go through the pain of the journey to get it?

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Patricia W. said...

Yes, for me too.

Brandy W said...

Not yet. There isn't something out there that calls to my soul.

LKap said...

V -
We've talked about this at length - my answer "I'm not sure". but I'm in a transitional period right now.

I'm glad you got "ME" time - you deserved it.

Vicki said...

Hi guys...Patricia, totally get it with you. I've known for a long time you had it and would do it. :)

Brandy - you are amazing and what you do in reading and reviewing and pimping authors books is something not everyone has the talent to do. And you do it well girl. And you write for your guy, that's way cool and a love story like no other.

L - I know where you are and you'll get through this part of the journey. Whatever you decide it will be right.

Anonymous said...

Yes, for me too. Some days I feel I'm so close I can taste it. My writing is so much stronger, my voice coming through, even just since the beginning of the year.

Vicki said...

Jill - I know you're close. You've worked very hard for this and it's coming.