Tuesday, March 17, 2009


What is it about shoes that make a woman lose her mind?

I don’t have the answer. I’m hoping someone else does, because that’s what happened this weekend when I went shopping with Princess.

I started out with a certain pair in mind. You know that favorite pair in your closet that you have to replace because you’ve worn them to death, and want another pair just like them. Yeah, not going to happen since they’re three years old, but I was on a mission none-the-less.

So after hitting all the sites on-line, and walking through every department store, still no luck. I mean really, it shouldn’t be this hard to find a 2”-3” dark brown pair of thong sandals, that aren’t a wedge—HA! They do not exist, I’m telling you. Well they might, to be fair, but I’m cheap and really don’t want to, nor can I afford to pay $300 for one pair of shoes!!! I’ve also come to the conclusion that I either need to be a gladiator or a stripper by the shoes that I’ve found—neither would have me – I’m telling you!

As you can imagine I’m walking the mall with Princess and it’s not about my shopping needs, but hers (as it always is when shopping with your daughter--LOL). And we go into one of those stores where maybe an XL tank top might fit me (but they don’t sell XL, so I’m out of luck), but they do sell shoes. And they have clearance shoes—I have hit the jackpot of un-needed shoes!!!

I was good, really I was. I only bought one pair. They are Hot Barbie Pink peep-toe platforms, but were too cute to leave behind. And if I would have, I would have kicked myself for it. Okay, so they are a bit stripper-ish, I’ll admit, but did I mention how cute they were!!!

See I lost my mind when I saw them. Couldn’t help it, total impulse, because really, where in the hell I’m I going to wear these shoes? Oh don’t you worry I’ll find somewhere ;-D

So have you ever lost your mind over a pair of shoes?

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Natasha said...

I lose all sanity while shoe shopping. I apparently have VERY weird feet. EVERY SINGLE PAIR of shoes that I LOVE? YEAH, they hate my feet. HATE!! So, I am stuck with boring shoes, that DO NOT make me excited. *sigh*

Billi Jean said...

I'm a shoe freak too...but I've learned to economize. My mini me? No way. I buy her the cut shoes, boots, sandals and all that. Maybe I didn't spend enough time with Barbies growing up but there's just something really cool about dressing up my daughter...I even got her a pair of red, zip up the side, knee high boots from Old Navy -- little bows in the back of them. Super cool. My son? His comment on my styling 3 year old? Mom, those look like stripper boots. Uh -- speechless! Gotta say I love the boots even more now!

sonya said...

Shoes are like comfort food; they make you feel good. I can always find a great pair of must-have shoes, like your Barbie shoes. What an awesome pick-me-up after shopping for jeans or swim suits. Ugh! But, then, swim suit shopping is a form of torture. Ha!

Liza said...

I love shoes! I own way too many pairs, but just keep buying more. I haven't been shoe shopping in a long time. I had foot surgery last August and my left foot still swells some, so I havent' been able to really try on shoes yet. Of course, by the looks of my closet floor, I don't need to buy any shoes for a while.

LKap said...

Natasha - Well I wouldn't say they were comfortable - but they are cute ;-)

Billi Jean - I could never hold back when it comes to princess either - that's what they're for ;-)

Sonya - I couldn't agree more - shoes make me happy. Shopping for jeans and swimsuits - OH THE HORROR!!! lol I'll stick with shoes ;-)

Liza - I wouldn't say I NEED a new pair (except those brown ones I can't find...arggg), but I'm not sure any woman can have too many - HHB would beg to differ on my over 100 pair on my closet floor...LOL

Good luck all!!! Thanks for staying with me this week!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey LKap...it's JP. I should be working in MPI right now but needed a break (ha ha). Anyway - how about you wear your new Barbie shoes to work on Friday...come on!!!!! You know we'll all like them. Im not a crazy shoe freak - although I have quite a few. I like my usual black/brown staples. The rest are all one off's that i only have one or 2 outfits to wear them with. I like to get the shoe and then buy something to wear with them instead of the other way around. Anyway - I also had to comment becuase I want to win a copy of Sasha's book - sounds like great reading! Ok - back to MPI!!!! :) JP

Vicki said...

Girl, you know I've lost my mind when shoe shopping many times. :)

LKap said...

JP - thanks for stopping by - and good luck it's a great book!!!

V - I know I've been with you when you lose your mind ...LOL

Munk said...
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Munk said...

PINK! I would have bought them in every shade. Shoes are like a woman's sports car . It's all sleek lines and shiny new soles. You can NEVER have to many, NEVER NEVER NEVER. I'm proud of you for buying them and hope to see them at RT. LOL

LKap said...

Munk -
If they had more colors I might have been tempted - oh they are so cute. And yes you will probably see them at RT...LOL
I love your analogy that shoes are like cars - it's so true!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the comments.
I love shoes and also purses. I think I must have at least 2 in every color. Oh, and when I acquire as many shoes and purses as I have books in my TBR stack, my husband said "You're outta here!"

LKap said...

I'd have been long gone then...LOL
I have an obsession with both too, but did cut back...cut back, didn't stop.:-D
Good Luck!