Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Luck, Fortune, Destiny…X-Posted

So I’m a wee bit late this morning. My computer crashed. How odd is that on the day I’m talking about luck, I turn on the computer to find 34 viruses, 21 of them critical.

No worries, this did not come from my computer. Nope, in fact, I handed the laptop to Science Guy and said, fix it or kill it, please.

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What about you? Do you feel lucky? What to you makes someone lucky?
Leave a comment and you’ll be entered into a drawing for Karen Rose’s latest release, Kill For Me. How’s that for luck?

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Melissa said...

Hey, Vicki! Love the line, "Fix it or Kill it" Too funny. Hope you were lucky enough to retrieve all your important documents or get rid of those viruses!

I'm very lucky where it counts. Wonderful healthy family and great friends!

LKap said...

It's a full moon V - could explain all of our problems today ;-)

Brandy W said...

So I'm finally getting around to reading blogs. Taken me long enough this week. To have a Science Guy of my own would be fantastic. Unfortunately T is not it.... I have to be.