Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In conjunction with the Sasha giveaway this week, she and I have also worked together to plan her FREE READ to be placed on her site for y’all!!!

Here is a taste:
Max made his choice to stick with Tyla and become a Transplant on Triton. Only things aren't going too smoothly, right from the start. Max wants to be Tyla's only lover, and for a Triton woman, monogamy is unheard of. Then there's the fact that the queen's ordered Tyla to marry a Durian prince in order to prevent a war. Nothing brings two people closer together than facing a common foe, but can Max and Tyla stop the marriage and still prevent a war?

ABDUCTION - A Free Read Sasha released on Feb 13th has a sequel. And TRANSPLANT will be released as another free read TODAY. I hope you’ll go check it out.

You have to go to Sasha’s site to get the rest of it. ;-)

Thanks to Sasha for working with me to plan this surprise around her giveaway and me taking over the blog!

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Billi Jean said...

Wow! OK, I gotta read more...I love the tension -- man wanting woman to himself, but in her culture monogamy is unheard of...What a switch! Just that little tease you've got posted has me wondering all about how the two will resolve it! best, b

lastnerve said...

I'm off to read Transplant but wanted to stop off and say hi

Vicki said...

This is awesome! Going to check out the reads now.

Well, it just a second. Miss everybody, but I'm having a great time in AZ.

LKap said...

Billi Jean - It was a fun read wasn't it!!!!

Lastnerve - thanks for stopping by - that's the whole idea - go read and enjoy.

V - when you aren't vacationing like a fool you need to go read it!!


booklover1335 said...

Can't wait to read the sequel!!!!

Lynn R. said...

I just downloaded "Transplant", and will (hopefully!) get around to reading it AND "Abduction" this week, while it's Spring Break!!



Gail said...

Thank you for Transplant, I love Sasha's books and this is such a bonus. Ok, I'm off to go read now;-)

sonya said...

Looking forward to reading this one.

Sasha White said...

Hey everyone. I hope you enjoy both ABDUCTION and TRANSPLANT. I had fun writing them, and I have to admit, there might be more instalments inthe future. :)

Oh, and while you're on my Scribd page (Where you'll find the stories) you should check out MEANDROS as well. :)