Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Author Extraordinaire – Karin Tabke and Things You Want to Know

Have you been dying for today to get here? I know we have. Karin's in the house and she's answering our questions. So much fun!!!

Thank you, goils for having me as your guest this week!!

Vicki: How did you get started writing?

Karin: Weeeeellll, the ugly truth is, in high school I had a mad crush on rod stewart, and the only way I could have him to myself was to write our story. From that point on, the writing bug bit hard and has yet to let go.

Vicki: Okay, here’s where I’m going to ask a couple of writing as in craft related questions. Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Karin: Panster. But before I begin a story I know the gmc’s of my protagonists and the bad guy.

Vicki: Do you write on a schedule as in everyday, morning or night, for a certain length of time, or when the muse is talking?

Karin: I’m a working writer, I can’t afford t wait for the muse to strike. When I sit down to write, I find that bitch, plop her ass on the keyboard and hold her at gunpoint until I say she can take a break. My best writing time is in the evening between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Vicki: During your first draft, are you more character driven or plot driven?

Karin: Character. My books are character driven to begin with so once I get them nailed the plot just comes.

Vicki: You’re not only an amazing writer, a wife, and mom (to 4), but also the CEO of your own company. How do you manage to do it all?

Karin: I have great support. I have a very competent office manger, my kids are grown (the youngest 19) and they leave me alone. Hubby gets it, and doesn’t bug me, unless he hasn’t seen me in a couple of days. :) the bottom line is, this is my job, and they get that.

Vicki: Can you tell us how you came up with the Blood Sword Legacy idea or was it originally a single book that turned into a series?

Karin: I had this guy named Rohan in my head. Finally, one day I just sat down and wrote about fifty pages. My voice just erupted on the page. It felt good. Right. I loved it. For shits and giggles I sent it to my agent. She loved it too. So did my editor. She bought two books. I knew the other knights needed their story told as well, and so the legend of the Blood Swords was born.

Vicki: What’s your favorite part of the job?

Karin: Getting to know my characters. I love my heroes. I love their passion, their bravery and their intelligence. They are the fuel to my flame. When I can’t wait to get back to them each day, I know I’m on the right track.

Vicki: With the release of Master of Craving, the third book in the Blood Sword Legacy, do have anything planned for the future of the series that you can share?

Karin: Book four, MASTER OF DECEPTION is Thorin’s story. The release date has been pushed back due to another series I have launching next year. Deets to come when I can talk about it. ;)

Vicki: Whose journey was harder to write, Stefan’s or Arian’s? Although with a hero like Stefan, he must have been hmmm…fun, interesting, and yep down right sexy to write. Heehee

Karin: Those two were pretty tricky. Stefan is the dark quiet one. He speaks only when he has something to say. He’s my still-waters-that-run-deep guy. He has a lot of feelings, a lot of bottled passion, and he is honorable, but not so honorable so as not to take what he wants by right of conquest and in the name of his king. It got a little hairy there straddling both sides of the fence. Especially since I have not, nor ever will, make excuses for my boys.

Vicki: Can you tell us a little about any upcoming releases?

Karin: I have a new romantic suspense series debuting next summer. The dirty dozen meets mission impossible. That’s about all I can say right now, except it is dark, edgy and there are no boundaries.

Vicki: Okay, now just a couple of silly fun questions. Strappy heels or flat sandals?

Karin: Heels!

Vicki: Hero’s you like to read? Sexy studs or Sexy and maybe a bit geeky?

Karin: Studs w/a razor sharp brain.

Vicki: What’s your favorite romance book of all time?

Karin: Wolf and the Dove

Vicki: Favorite word?

Karin: sonofabitch

Vicki: Least favorite word?

Karin: The girl c word

Vicki: Totally with you on that word. If you weren’t an author and could be anything you wanted to be, what would it be and why?

Karin: A rock star! Oh, if only I could sing!

Vicki: Any advice for those of us who are aspiring writers and parting words for our readers?

Karin: Screw the rules, and never lose sight of your dreams. Never.

Vicki: I love that answer! It has been such a blast having you here today.

Vicki, thank you for inviting me. You know I love you and Laurie!

We lurve you bunches too!!!

Okay everyone. It's your turn. Have a question we didn't ask? Now's the time. Make sure you questions responsibly and don't forget to let Karin know how much she ROCKS.

WW's and PD's,


LKap said...

Karin -
This interview had me in stitches,you are a hoot - and I love you for that ;-) There was a lot of great stuff in there and I can't wait to hear more about the new series...le'Pant!!! Thanks for being with us!!!!

Bloggy Chicks - Isn't she great! And she's this great in person too. Hope everyone is enjoying getting to know Karin and running out to get her books - the more we buy the more books we get. YAY!!!

Vicki said...

This has to be one of the most fun giveaway weeks ever. I couldn't wait to get the interview up for you guys, herein known as Bloggy Chicks (L - I love that), to read it.

Karin - you rock, really you do. You are so the same in person and such a kind and amazing friend. :)

Of course now we're dying to know about the new series. More of your books to read is always a great thing.

CrystalGB said...

Great interview. Do you find it harder to write historical than contemporary? What is the strangest/funniest experience you have had regarding a fan?

Bonnie Jean said...

Oh your new stuff sounds AWESOME! (like you'd right anything else LOL)
Have you ever written something that just didn't "work"? Like, put a lot of time in and then realized it was a no-go?

Armenia said...

Karen, you're a hoot...funny and fun. I gotta start on this series quick, so I can catch up to the new releases.

Love your quote:"Screw the rules, and never lose sight of your dreams. Never." Great advice!!!!

Cathy M said...

Hi Karin, great interview, and yes you do so rock! You are one of my favorite historical romance writers and can't wait to hear more about your upcoming contemporary stories.

If you could schedule a day off with no job responsibilities, what would you do?

Brandy W said...

Okay totally lost what I was going to say. My son has a new friend who doesn't understand that they are done playing for the day.




kltabke said...

sorry i've been mia!

Laurie and Vicki glad you enjoyed my answers. :) I enjoyed answering them.

Hey Crystal. def the historicals. they take more brain power. on the fan front i just had one email me about her sexual inhibitions.

Bonnie all of the stories collecting dust under my bed are the ones that didn't work.

Armenia thnx. I have my moments. altho my family thinks i'm boring. so double thank you.

kltabke said...

Cathy you are my new bff. in answer to your question, i'd get a 5 hour massage and have someone cook me my fave meals and clean up after they wreck my kitchen.

Brandy friends like your son's usually respond well to psycho mom.