Thursday, August 13, 2009

Query Your Day….

Disclosure: I am borrowing this idea from Karin Tabke ( because I think it was an awesome idea and a lot of fun. And you get a free book out of the deal.

Write a Query about your day in 200 words or less – Come on this is fun so participate.

I made a few tweaks to what I put on Karin’s blog, but only because I thought of something better, hours after I hit submit – oh and some things had to be changed to protect the innocent. :-P

My Life As A Writer, is a 90,000 word, romantic comedy, where Laurie Kapkowski often finds herself waking up between a hot man and two other females. Oh, did I forget to mention: Trixie her Chihuahua, and Bella, her crazy cat, are allowed in bed.

By day she's a mild-mannered programming manager for a television shopping channel. Her world thrives on color and puzzles. Highlighting (color-coding) the hours that belong to her department and a 744 piece grid (actual hours in a 31 day month - puzzle) that must be changed multiple times, while people steal away pieces, and an over-abundance of arguments along the way. Yes-men have no place in Laurie’s life as she isn’t afraid to use no at any opportunity.

Her nights are filled with laugher and love as her adult daughter and husband keep her laughing, when she can hear them, that is, past the 5 barking dogs, or when she isn’t submerged in the fantasy world of her own making. If only she could figure out what her handsome husband, who is cooking dinner, and beautiful daughter, who is cleaning, mean when they say they want to be reincarnated as a writer?

This is 197 words so don’t tell me you can’t do better because I really suck at query’s. Come on let's see what ‘cha got. And we get to learn about each other - How cool, huh?!

Place your entry in the comments section - I can’t wait to read them!!! You will be disqualified if it goes over 200 words - sorry there has to be rules - we all hate them, but they are there to protect the innocent

And remember one randomly selected winner will win a book of my choosing, just tell me your favorite genre and I'll try to see what I can find :-D

I mean hey, its FREE (nothing is better than free) If you're the winner you have until next Friday to contact me or a new winner will be chosen (I know more rules).




Vicki said...

Okay, so I can't win, but here's my day.

My day in the world of 24/7 TV and Online shopping is a 1,000,000,000 word novel where Vicki Lane finds herself most of her waking hours. Her day begins like any other day. Reports, reports, and more reports.

Then it happened. Disaster Recovery. Names to add (or delete), contact info needed. We’re in the tropics and a storm could happen anytime. Without the contact info, all would be…lost. Forget that electricity might not work, cell towers could go down. The streets will flood, but hey, everyone will have the list.

Just as she thinks things will calm down to a normal crazy day, she receives the urgent email. The PIPs and Crawls must change immediately. Have you noticed that most things in real time are immediate?

With a slight wipe of her brow, Vicki conquers the quest and all is good for the host as they point and click, or share the winning video. Lines now match and yes, they are happy for a few minutes in time.

LKap said...

V - I was LOL - literally. It would take that many words for sure. HA! still LOLing....

Brandy W said...

Oh you crazy woman. First you need to explain to me what a query is then write it for me ;-)

Let's see it needs to include 3 kids, many snacks, coffee, books and video games.

Karin* said...

now i have to come up with one!

Lynnette Labelle said...

Hi, gals. Vicki, I remember you were interested in possibly entering my critique group contest in June. Well, we have an opening in our group, so I'm running another contest. Maybe you or someone you know might be interested.

Lynnette Labelle

LKap said...

Brandy give me a short description of your day - look at mine - come on - Vicki can't win LOLOLO

Karin - I know you can do it ;-)

Last chance guys - I mean really if I can do a POS, certainly you can :-)

Amy M said...

Well, this is not so good, because I am no writer, but here is what I have got. And it is 200 words exactly...whew!

My life as a mother, wife, taxi driver, maid, and short order cook, is a story where Amy finds herself doing the same thing day after day. Four kids under the age of ten, three of which are boys, the youngest is a girl, one husband who counts as the biggest kid of them all, makes up this crazy life!

During the day, she is constantly running after someone, trying to keep the house as clean, keep the boys from breaking anything or each other, and working part time from home. Toss in dinner, more cleaning, football practice, baseball practice, gymnastics, swimming, homework, laundry, and normally she is falling behind and can’t keep up. The kids play and laugh and fill the home with more love and happiness than she ever thought was possible

The hours slip away, the kids play; the husband comes home from work, sometimes dinner is made, sometimes not. Bedtime rolls around and the kids are starving, stalling bedtime as long as possible. Kids are in bed, mom takes a bath to unwind from the day, read a book, then start the whole crazy day over again. Wouldn’t trade any of it in for the world!

This was a fun one. Kind of hard, but fun all the same!

Amy M
atc218 at aol dot com

LKap said...

Amy 200 on the money. Well your day seems busy and fullfilling all at the same time.
See it wasn't that bad. ;-)