Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Books, Glorious Books

I have bookcases! My books are unpacked (finally), and sitting proud on the shelves. Every time I walk into the family room I smile. There’s something about seeing the vibrant colors on the spines of the books that just makes me feel good. Books to read for the sheer pleasure of reading them and books for studying the craft.

It’s sort of like what came first the reader or the writer. Truth be known that’s a hard question so I called the one woman who would know and remember perhaps accurately then I would. My mom. Her answer? “You did both.”

Okay, so that’s not what I was looking for, but as we continued to talk she reminded me of how many times a book (probably a little Golden Book) would be read to me and then I’d try to write my own story. Especially if I didn’t like the way the book ended. I mean really the chicken running around saying the sky is falling just bothered me. Even at an early age I wanted to tell the chicken to wise up, the sky couldn’t fall.

So I wrote my own. Well, I scribbled what I thought were words to make my own stories until I realized that one, I couldn’t read that well just yet, and two, I didn’t know how to spell the words in my stories. Again, mom or my best friend who was older than me and could already read and write chapter books.

We’d sit and I’d tell my story. It was great. I’d changed characters and plotlines and make the big bad wolf beg for forgiveness or my favorite was when I was older and wrote the continuing tales of the Wizard of Oz. Who knew back then there were already books out there with other story lines?

The cozy teenage mysteries of my youth were the best. I loved Trixie Bleden and wanted to so bad to be in the club with Honey and Jim. And I couldn’t wait for Trixie to get old enough for Jim to kiss her. :) Yep, many of you may have guessed it. I wrote my own scenes. Very sweet and tender scenes where their hands brushed each others and Jim stared deep into Trixie’s eyes as her legs became wobbly. He’d tuck the strands of hair that were free from her ponytail back behind her ear. And then ever so slow he’d lean forward while her eyes closed and…kiss her on the cheek. Hey, I was only ten years old. Kissing on the lips wasn’t allowed just yet.

What I remembered as I unpacked books and lovingly sat them in their new place of honor is I’ve always loved to read and I’ve always loved to write. I told Science Guy that now our new home felt like a home and not a house.

Oh yeah, in case you thought I forgot about the surprise, nope just not quite ready to reveal it. Heehee

So, what about you? Since we’re all readers and many are writers, I’m sure you’ve got books. But do you feel a sense of rightness when you see them? When everything else in the world is going crazy are they the things that can help you escape if only for a little while? And what about writing? Are you like me? Did you every want to change the ending of the stories of your youth?

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Brandy W said...

I love my books. I can't wait until I own my own home and put my books somewhere that they can be seen.

So far I am truly a reader but there isn't anything stopping me from thinking about what would happen next.

You should take a picture and post it for us all to see. *hint hint*

Bella said...

Books - sigh - where would we be without them? I am extremely possessive, though. I don't like anyone to touch them, bend them, break the spine (gasp!), &c. That is part of the appeal of e-books ;-)

Writer? Nope. Have always wanted to be an editor though. Go figure...

Can't wait to find out what the surprise is!


Vicki said...

Brandy - I was going to take a picture, but forgot. I will though. :) And yes, I do believe you would be a great writer. Thing is you'll never stop being a reader. That's the best part, we get to do both.

Vicki said...

Bella - I do believe you and LKap could be related. I once borrowed a book from her, one that she'd had for a very long time and had read. Yeah, it didn't look like it had ever been touched. Worse part is my dog decided to chew the cover. Gasp!!! But I found her another one with the same copywrite date on it. Whew.

I don't turn down corners and I'm really good with my books, however my paperbacks spines do get creases in them. I want to open the book all the way and jump into the pages. Heehee

And editor? That's a wonderful and crazy job. You should look into it.

Judy said...

I am a fanatic about my books. I can say that I love books. I love the way they feel, the way they smell. Yell, I know I am odd :) I own alot of ebooks, but I like books you can touch best. I do not think I could be a writer, when younger I would try to write, but did not like the way the plot always went the same way. I decided to let you authors take care of that and I READ!!

LKap said...

Yes I am very anal about my books I believe I have a ramble about it "reverence for the written word" or something like that.

Hope everyone is enjoying this week.
And yes we need pics of the new bookcases V

Vicki said...

Judy - I'm with you. I love to hold my books and see them. But I do want an eReader. There are times when having a bunch of books with me without actually packing said books would be great. :)

I'm glad you're a reader. We love our readers very very much.

Vicki said...

LKap - Ummm...just a teeny little bit...heehee

flchen1 said...

Ooh, books are key!! Love, love, LOVE my books! They are starting to take over the house though, which is bugging my husband just a wee bit, though he's mostly too kind to mention it. My dream is to have a dedicated library room someday, ideally with wall-to-ceiling built-in shelves :) And like Bella, no aspirations to write, but I can proofread with the best of 'em, and might like the editing thing :D

Congrats on getting settled (or your books settled ;)), Vicki!


Liza said...

I love my books! I have bookshelves in just about every room in my apartment. My dream home has a library room in it(you know like the one in Beauty and the Beast). I'm a reader only right now, but I do sometimes want to change the ending of a book or come up with what happends after the book ends.

I'm also pretty anal about my books. I made my niece replace a books she borrowed when it came back with the spine messed up. I still won't loan books to one person since she broke the spine of my 6th Harry Potter book.

Maggi said...

I find there are times that I am completely immersed in my writing and other times (such as now) that I can't get my nose out of the books, especially when I am waiting to hear back from agents...