Monday, August 10, 2009

Shayla Black Winners And Another Surprise Winner

Last week was great. Having Shayla popping in when she had internet and having the surprise added was just plain ole fun.

It’s time to announce the winners and what they’ve won. Oh and just for added measure we’ve thrown in one more surprise winner. Heehee, L and I like surprises so we figure you probably do too.

Are you ready to find out?

The winner of Tempt Me With Darkness istetewa

The winner of an ARC (OMG, and ARC, I don’t even have this one) of Seduce Me In Shadow is – Bella

The winners of the sneak peek of Seduce Me In Shadow (as in three chapters) is – Greta and Sabrina Pugliese

And the surprise winner just announced today (see why you need to check back often) is for Bound and Determined by Shelly Bradley / Shayla Black is – CrystalGB

Please email me at with your snail mail addy’s for the books and the email addy you’d like the sneak peak sent too. Also, please put in the subject, "Winner - Shayla Black Contest". You have until next Sunday at midnight to email the information or a new winner will be chosen.

Wow, that’s a lot of winners and major congrats to each of you. We had a blast and hope you did too.

There’s a surprise coming for Laurie on Thursday, you don’t wanna miss it. And next week we’ve got a copy of Karin Tabke’s Master of Craving.

WW’s and PD’s,


Bella said...

WOO HOO! My first ever ARC! [I giess I won't be an ARC virgin anymore ;-) -- and what a way to lose it! LOL].

Congrats to all the winners.

Thanks so much for the fun contest! I love your blog! And thanks to Shayla as well!


Bella said...

Vicki, sorry if I'm a dork, but I don't see your email addy. Would you please send the ARC (:-) ) to me at b42bella(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thanks again!

Vicki said...

Bella - you had me lol with your answer. Sorry about the email addy, I forgot to put it in and have now.

Although you gave me yours here's mine just in case.

Major congrats!

Shayla Black said...

Congrats to all the winners. I'll be contacting the winner of the ARC and the sneak peeks.

Thanks to all who stopped by and participated!

And, of course, thanks to Vicki and Laurie for having me!!

CrystalGB said...

Thank you so much. Congratulations to all the winners.

LKap said...

CONGRATS to all the WINNERS!!!!!

And a big thank you to Shelley/Shayla for popping in with great surprises of her own.

Vicki said...

Shayla thanks so much for coming to play in our world. :) We had a great time.

And again major congrats to all the winners!!

tetewa said...

Looking forward to reading this, thanks for all the congrats!

Liza said...

Congrats to all the winners!

Brandy W said...

Congrats to all of the winners. They are truly awesome prizes.

flchen1 said...

Hooray, tetewa, Bella, Greta, Sabrina, and CrystalGB! Thanks again, Shayla, Vicki, and Laurie!