Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kiss Me…..

Have you ever thought about how many types of kisses there are? I have, and written my share of them. But there are so many out there and everyone does them their own way.

Think of your 1st kiss – If I remember correctly it was two lips slamming together, teeth clashing, it hurt, and wasn’t pleasant at all. Okay, who knows, I might have been 9 or 10 – I have no idea. Regardless, we didn’t know what the hell we were doing. We just did it…‘cause.

Now think of that 1st kiss with someone you loved –Tentative lips brush together, the exhale of a sigh is released as the air begins to crack around you. The kiss deepens and electricity trails along your skin, encompassing your entire body. Heat flairs as your breaths mingle, and tender kiss-swollen lips trace your jaw to the sensitive curve of your neck....

Not it either….

There are so many ways to kiss and most of them never get talked about. Our hero’s are the perfect male species. They do not slobber, use too much tongue, are not like wet fish, have bad breath or even kiss with their eyes open.

They are perfect, with full plush lips, perfect for the pillow soft kiss that our heroine desires. They can even be a contradiction: his soft lips met hers, hard and urgent.

Okay so the lines are corny and really bad I’ll admit, but think about it…we’ve all had bad kisses. And since I’d never ask you to do something I wouldn’t, here's mine:

He went in for the kill, trying to be all suave (as suave as a 16 year old can be), first his head hit mine, then our noses collided, worse was when he came at me, mouth already open – to think I really thought he was a catch – the boy couldn’t kiss worth crap. Although I still believe 25 years later he was a hunk...LOL

Come on Share – we’re all friends here……

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Vicki said...

L that's too funny. I'm pretty sure that 25 year later hunk has learned a thing or two about the art of kissing. Heehee

First kiss that really meant something wasn't much of a kiss at all. We'd been at Jr High Prom. Yep, Jr High, we didn't have middle school back then and JR High went through the 9th grade.

Anyway, Rudy walked me to the door, holding my hand, and all I could think about was would he kiss me? Lord, I hope he kisses me. Please let him kiss me.

I was a ball of nerves wondering what would happen. And then...he smiled and slowly lowered him mouth. I was quite literally shaking in my heels. What if he didn't like the way I kissed? OMG, is my breath okay?

Soft lips touched mine in an oh so gently kiss. Goosebumps skirted up my back as his hand pulled me just a little closer. The kiss was going to deepen, I just knew it.

Yeah, not so much. The porch light came on and Mom opened the door. You've never seen to kid jump apart so fast. You'd have thought we were doing far more than a simple light, mouth still closed, kiss.

Still, for the next several days I would softly touch my lips and wonder what it would have been like. Never really found out, but the memories were sweet for a while.

Now, it was the second kiss from the boy who became my first real boyfriend that was funny. He so didn't have the art of kissing. Too bad, Kissing For Dummy's wasn't written back then.

Amy M said...

You ladies are so funny!! And you really come up with some inventive stuff, let me tell you.

My first kiss was with a boy that I thought that I was in love with. What do you know when you are 16? He kissed me, the normal, don't know what you are doing, sloppy kind of kiss. But his hands were all over the place, reached down and grabbed my rear! I had no clue what to do and I don't think he really did either. A quick squeeze, and pat, like the guys do when they are playing sports! He took me home and I was on could 9!

You think you know so much when you are young! I am so glad things get better and the boys figure stuff out the older they get! :P

Well, I hope someone else tells their story. It is not so bad...actually kind of funny to think back to all of those years ago.

Have a great day!
Amy M

Cathy M said...

My first kiss turned out to be with the boy I eventually married. Actually it kind of grossed me out, too much tongue, lol, but we decided to practice, a lot, and got really, really good at it. :)

LKap said...

V - Your mom *shaking head*. That is so sweet I remember doing that touching lip thing...heehee

Amy M - glad you liked it. I have no idea why this ramble came out, but you're right it was fun to think back. Memories *insert Strisand here, not my voice* lol

Cathy M - How cool is that - the man you married huh - well you don't hear that often, but I Luv It! I would have to assume he got better or you wouldn't have stayed with him for so long. ;-)

Brandy W said...

I remember this one guy who was such a bad kisser. I'm not sure what he was doing but teeth should not clash. We were kiss incompatible. I totally moved on when after the second try it still didn't work. He was cute though. lol

Mari said...

My first kiss was with a boy I didn't really like because I was "practicing" for the boy I really liked! What was I thinking!?!?!

Missy said...

I'm going to have to plead the fifth here seeing as how MY mom is one of the writers of this blog. It would be like turning the porch light on myself if I told...Ahem...good post though! I'll definitely have to discuss with my friends! hehe