Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Five

I don't about you, but I'm very happy Friday has finally arrived. For most of yesterday I thought it was not a happy thought when I realized it was still Thursday.

So, five things about this week....

1. American Idol has started. Sure I know it started back with the auditions and Hell (I mean Hollywood) week. But as far as I'm concerned it really starts once America gets to vote.

2. Romance Junkies is having a great contest. Each week they're putting up six entries and you can vote on them. There are prizes for both readers (voters) and for those who are putting up their entries.

3. I've started a crochet project, which I hope will be a throw when it's finished. Red, Black, and Cream in color. Soft yarn and the pattern is really pretty easy. Yes, I know that spring is sort of here and summer will be here before we know it in sunny Florida, but hey, I'm feeling crafty and besides if this turns out well I might do some for Christmas presents. (Trust me it will take me this long to do all of them since they are done around my writing.)

4. Tonight I'm going to dinner with several of my TARA sister's and Lauren Abramo. WhooHoo, this should be a blast!

5. I've been working on Raising Hannah (instead of TLIAV), but this week I've been pulled back to that manuscript. I'm loving the plot for RH and will work on it in bits and pieces around TLIAV.

So, not really a ton happened this week. What about you? Anything exciting happen to you this week?


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PatriciaW said...

Hey Vicki, that yellow type forces me out of Google Reader because where it's yellow against a white background.

But besides that, I'm whittling my TBR pile for book reviews away--and not adding to it--so I can devote 95% of my time to writing. This is a HUGE step for me. Finally get that I can't do both, or at least not even 10% of the reading I'm used to doing. Time's a wastin'...