Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I’m a SmartPhone Girl

I know what you’re probably thinking; she’s a little late to the party.

The thing is I like my other phone and when I got it that was the cool phone. Very tiny, flip up to answer and really you can could put it in the pocket of your jeans and hardly know it was there.
The battery life was amazing. At least three days and the phone was 5 years old


I couldn’t check my email, twitter, facebook, listen to music and although I could text, it was like being on an old fashion typewriter. It took forever.


This past Sunday I went to my carrier and checked out the smartphones. The very wise and extremely helpful associate told me about the difference between the three types of phones I was looking at. And in the end I choose the iPhone since he assured me it was the easiest one to learn on my first foray into the smartphone world. It was also the one that was on ‘sale’, which I thought made him even more great. He could have very easily talked me into one of the higher price phones. I was ready to buy and he knew it. Thank you wonderful associate!

It was funny when he kept asking me questions like: how much time do you spend listening to music on your phone, or how much time to do you spend emailing, and things like that. Each time I held up the tiny phone and said, ummm…don’t really know. It wasn’t an option.
Which wasn’t exactly true. I could do most of those things on my tiny phone (not the music), but it took forever and was a royal pain, so I didn’t.


Now I have a few apps, (love Zombie Farm),
got my Kindle for iPhone, of course Twitter and Facebook. I’ve added some songs to the phone (haven’t listened to them yet), and have my email accounts, including my work email on my phone at the touch or swipe of my fingers.


In basically 2 days I’m hooked and don’t know why I waited this long, other than it’s that how change issue. I’m not so much fond of change.

How about you? Have you been at the party for a while now, or are you like me and just coming to the smartphone world?

What do you love best about your phone and what’s your favorite app?



PatriciaW said...

Some of us still have not crossed over into Smartphone land. My little phone works for what a phone is supposed to do, make calls. Hey, I think it's great because I can also text. What else do I really need that can't wait?

Vicki said...

Patricia, it took me a long time to cross over to the other side, but I have to admit, I do love it. I like to keep up with my emails, both my own and at work and it's so easy. :)

Jamie Burch said...

I still have a basic phone, but my husband has the iPhone for work and likes it. I do have an iPod and it rocks.

Eventually I want to get something better for texting. It's not something I do often, but it's annoying with the one I have. We'll see.

Enjoy! I love the Kindle app...:)

Vicki said...

Jaime, totally get what you mean. Texting was my first reason to start wanting a new phone.