Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five

It’s been a week of weeks, but Friday is finally here and I’m about 30 minutes from being free for the weekend. Free to write, read, and okay…write. A lot. I’ve got to finish this wip very soon. :)

So what has the past week brought?

Let’s see…

1. Saturday’s TARA meeting ROCKED! Lauren Abramo was amazing in both sessions and dinner with her was way too much fun.

2. I got a new phone and it’s a smartphone, a iPhone to be exact. I love it.

3. Since I got said phone I’ve downloaded a couple of apps and although I do love the Kindle for iphone, I’ve got to say, I’m addicted to Zombie Farm.

4. The time change has brought wonderful long evenings, walking the dogs again is not only good for them, but for Science Guy and I as well.

5. Watched Idol and truthfully didn’t think the right person went home. Not that I thought she would stay for a long time (if she didn’t show what she can really do), but there was another that based on this week’s performance, I thought would be the one. But hey, everyone got their vote and apparently didn’t feel the same way as me.

What about you? How did your week sum up? Exciting? Crazy?

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,

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