Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Blues...or Musings - Take Your Pick :)

It's Monday. That should follow with enough said, but just for those who perhaps love their Monday's, I'll resist the urge.

Maybe a Monday is your Friday and you're excited to have your week day time off. For me, the day brings crazy long hours, which leads me to want to do nothing but veg in front of the TV when I get home. After feeding the doggy babies and Science Guy, that is.

Tonight starts 'Dancing With The Stars' and although I said I wasn't going to watch it this season, we've already got it TiVo'd. Guess we'll see if it's going to turn out to be okay or not and then make the choice.

However, no matter how crazy of a day it's been, no matter how much I'd to do nothing but put on a pair of pj's, cuddle back into one of our oversized red chairs, watching TV while my mind wanders aimless through the show, I can't. I won't.

Why? Because I must write. I'm in a very small dingy, making my way to the writing island where other author friends are partying, err...I mean writing furiously (there's cabana boys and margarita's there).

Should be fun since my hero has just been thrown for a loop when he saw what the heroine did. And the coolest part is she doesn't really know what she did. She knows something changed, but she's not exactly sure what it was. Just yet that is.

Your turn. How was your day? Got any plans for tonight, or are you going to veg and re-coop from the day?



Ann Schach said...

Mondays are the days that I finish up my Pals Paper Arts card and photograph it. I always try to have everything done in time to watch Harry's Law with Kathy Bates!

Vicki said...

How long does it take to do your cards? They're always so great with such attention to every detail. :)