Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Check In and Contest

First, this past weeks word count, and then this week’s contest.

I have to be honest and let you know I haven’t jumped back on the writing everyday wagon again. It’s taking me all week to decompress from conference.

Not that I didn’t have a blast and can’t wait until next year, because I did and I can’t. The problem is I didn’t write at all while I was there and came home to major busy at the day job.

This week I wrote twice. That’s it, two times. Still I’m pleased with yesterday’s scenes and count. Thank goodness for Sunday writing and laptops. Sitting outside on the porch early in the morning seemed to inspire my muse.

My goal this week is to begin the everyday writing again. As I said in an earlier post it keeps me in the story and makes the words flow much easier.

So…this is the word count for the week:

Last Sunday’s ending word count: 15,113
Ending word count for the week: 17,759
Total new words added this week: 2646

Okay, now for the contest. This week I’m giving away Kelley St.John’s
new book Ghost and Roses. Kelly signed the copy at conference. :) How cool is that.

Here’s a blurb from Kelley St.John’s website.

He’s never touched her but he’s made love to her.
He doesn’t know her, but he has to find her…
Before a killer does.

Gage Vicknair has been dreaming—incredible erotic visions—about a mysterious brown-eyed beauty.

Makayla Sparks has been dreaming about a strong, sexy man who keeps her safe-- and very, very satisfied.

When a spirit from beyond tells Gage he needs to rescue a stranger named Makayla, he never expects that stranger to be the same sensuous woman he’s enjoyed so thoroughly in his nightly fantasies. But Makayla is very real—and she’s living a nightmare. A vengeful murderer is determined to get her. And Gage is equally determined to save her.

Because the only way he and Makayla can have the love they’ve dreamed of is if they’re still around to live it…

You know the drill. Comment this week on the blog and on Friday a winner will be picked and posted. This is one book you’re not going to be able to put down until you reach the end.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


CrystalG said...

I hope you achieve your goal for this week. Ghost and Roses sounds good.

OpenChannel said...

I can totally relate as I was at a conference last week. I was so sure I'd write every day... ha! I think sometimes my expectations are a bit unrealistic. Conferences are very exhausting (especially if you change time zones) and downtime is required.

I didn't write at all while I was there, but I did reread and edit some finished work each day. I felt good about that.

I've been in limbo mode since I finished the first draft of my screenplay. My goal for next Monday is to decide what I'm going to work on next and do some brainstorming.

Thanks for having a place to check in. My husband is writing a text book and feeling overwhelmed by it. I told him about the 100 words a day approach and he might try it.

Anonymous said...

I hope you achieve your goal for this week!

Ghost and Roses sounds good and I love the cover!

Terri W.

Vicki said...

openchannel - It's hard to get back in the writing mode when you get back. Crazy, you'd think you'd come back ready to hit the keys...must be lack of sleep. :)

Tell your husband to join in the 'fun'we'd love to have him.

Jill James said...

Vicki, saw your blog about Tawny and her wonderful hubby James and decided I might stay awhile and enjoy your blog.

I was drawn right away with a teaser like, He's made love to her, but never touched her. Intriquing to say the very least.

Barbara V said...

I read the first one on the series. This one sounds pretty good too.