Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Random 13’s

1. 100 words for 100 days – I absolutely love this. It’s keeping me in the story and the pressure is off. Although I must write everyday 100 words takes no time at all. The best part is I almost always write way more than 100.

2. Post conference sleep – Boy did I need some. Conference is not a time for sleep. At least for me and my roommates it wasn’t. Even when we finally returned to the room it was another 30 – 45 minutes before the lights went out and the still the laughter rang.

3. Harry Potter is out and…I heard yesterday on my local radio that JK Rowlings said it is not the last book after all. Word has it that she is doing at least 2 more. One will be a Harry Potter companion type book if you will (I’m positive that is the title). With backstory on other characters and definitions to spells, language, and whatever else is in there.

4. JR Ward’s Brotherhood Books – The fifth one comes out in September. I highly recommend these books to everyone. I believe you will enjoy these whether you read paranormal or not. Also, while each can be a stand alone book it’s better to read them in order or at least read the first one first.

5. November Sherrilyn Kenyon releases a Dark Hunters Companion book. Whoo Hoo!!! Since I’ve very recently began reading this series I’m sure this will be a wonderful help to me. Her writing is phenomenal.

6. Shopping – Still I shop. It has something to do with the day job I believe. I really don’t need anything new. Really I don’t. And new books, nope, don’t need any of those either. I have so many in my TBR pile now. I love to shop. And yes there are times I don’t buy anything but I still love going.

7. Christmas – I can’t believe that it is 151 days until Christmas. For many of you reading this you’re saying that’s still a long time away but really guys it’s only 5 months away. I usually have part of my shopping down by now. Not this year. I’m too busy writing.

8. Tightening the wip for the partial request – I’m planning on sending it out the middle to end of August. My first thought was to come home and package the baby up and send it out. Then I realized that there could be many who do that. So now I’m making sure that everything is correct. That anything that happens in Chapter 10 makes sense from chapter 1.

9. Beta reader – I have one now. She’s extremely well read in all genres and very honest. She is a friend from the day job but as I said she is not the type to say, ‘Oh, I love everything about it. You’re the best.’ Nope, she’ll tell me exactly what didn’t work for her, if anything confused her or took her out of the story. I’m glad to have her.

10. Blog hopping – I absolutely love to read other blogs. Sometimes I comment and sometimes I don’t but I always visit my favorites and have found new ones through the comments.

11. Rain – I live in Florida. That really is enough said. In case you aren’t familiar with the summers in Florida. It’s hot and humid. We have these extreme lightening storms almost everyday. It cools things down for a bit and then the humidity takes on to new highs again. It’s pretty bad when you sit on your porch or patio at 7:00pm and still sweat. I don’t like sweating…not so much.

12. House hunting – I hate to house hunt. Our lease is up October 1st and we are not staying there. We thought when we first moved in that we might buy the house but after being there we’ve realize that while we love the old house style the cost to put in the upgrades would be, oh can you say, killer. So now I hunt again. Yuck! Shop, good, house hunting, bad.

13. Missing conference – Yep, I miss it. I met so many new friends and had a blast for my first RWA conference. The authors, agents, and editors that I didn’t know but met were/are great. And guess what? They are just like us. They have days that they wonder why they thought they could do this.

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Alyssa Goodnight said...

You've got a lot on your mind, but all good things. (Except maybe the house hunting--good luck with that--it could end up great!)

Vicki said...

Hey Alyssa - It's crazy all the stuff that runs through my mind sometimes. I'm definitely a multi-tasker. :)

OpenChannel said...

#10 is my curse right now. I sold my TV and now all I do is read blogs... so many great people to meet around the world!

Patricia W. said...

I won't read JK Rowlings HP add-ons. Not the story, not interested.

I love blogging. That's how I've met so many wonderfully supportive writing friends.

House-hunting? Sucks! Been there, done that, much more than I care to think about. My sympathies and best wishes.