Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday Fun - Raymond and His Cheese

I love this video. It's froom 2002 but still makes me smile, well until the end anyway. Even then it's still a great video.

I'm hoping it will come through on the page but if not click the link below and it'll take you to it.


The clip is titled Raymond and His Cheese. You will need to scroll down to find the picture. It’s the eight one down.

I tried to put it directly on the blog but it wouldn’t let me.

Be sure and come back to comment on what you thought about the video.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


OpenChannel said...

Awww, I liked it until the ending, too. Love his moves!

Why did they have to smash him?

(as a writer, I call that a cheap shot)

BTW - I've got that bonus exercise up on my blog now. I think it works fine for novelists (you know what I mean by "scene").

CrystalG said...

It is an interesting cartoon.