Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Conference – What Else (g)

1…Pre-shopping for conference. Did I really need new clothes? Nope, other than those from my chapter no one at conference has ever seen any of my clothes. Still this seemed like a good reason to shop. Okay, the sun is shinning, it’s pouring rain, today ends in the word day is a good day for shopping. Unlike my friend and wonderful author Julie Leto I love to shop.

2. Packing – try as I might I couldn’t fit everything into one suitcase. So I got the bright idea to pack two. Then when I came back I would be able to put my books into them and not have to ship. Not. This was my first conference. People told me about all the books I just didn’t actually understand their meaning.

3. Flying out with roommates – We all flew out together which was fun and made it easier once we arrived to check in. The flight was fine but I felt like a little kid. I kept looking at my watch and saying “When are we going to get there.” Just as we started to land on the tarmac I accidentally popped the lid off of the potato chips, which made a very loud popping noise and flew several seats up hitting a guy in the head. I knew that any minute someone was going to tackle me to the ground. They didn’t, thank goodness, everyone just laughed.

4. Arriving at the hotel – The usual check in, get to the room, choose beds, unpack and out the door to all the fun ahead.

5. The Literacy Signing – Can you just say OMG!!! So many authors, so many books, and so many lines. The first line we stood in was Sherrilyn Kenyon’s. She looked amazing in her Dark Hunter attire. Yes, I have pictures and I’ll post them soon. Some are on my camera and some are on Laurie’s camera. I met other Dark Hunter fan’s while waiting in line. I’m not normally star struck but this was Sherrilyn. When I walked up to her it was like I’d known her forever. She is amazing. We also stood in JR Ward’s line to have her autograph the hardcopies that we brought with us. She was also so wonderful to talk with.

6. The workshops – there were so many great workshops to attend and so little time. I went to the ones that I thought would best benefit me. Loved them all.

7. Harlequin PJ Party – So much fun. I met people that I talk to online, people from my TARA chapter, and met Brenda Chin. That was awesome. She talked with us about upcoming books and what she looks for when finding a new author.

8. Waiting in line for dinner – Waiting a long time in line for dinner. There are times when this can be a pain but at conference it gives just that much more time to meet new people. The first night Tawny Weber sat at our table. She is so very nice and her husband is a hoot. Of course he bought Heather a drink…it’s become a conference tradition for them.

9. Taking the Marta to where else…the mall. Since I’ve never taken the Marta anywhere this was an experience. One I’ll blog about later. Trust me I was not in my comfort zone.

10. Volunteering at the Editor/Agent appointments – I have to honestly say that once we arrived and looked at the agenda I didn’t want to do the volunteer thing. There were several workshops that I wanted to go to during the same time. I’m so glad that I did it. I was able to pitch and a partial was requested.

11. Sleep or the lack there of – Sleep is not something you do at conference. Drink lot’s of Venti Mocha’s from Starbucks? Oh yeah. We had a blast sitting around talking till 3 or 4 in the morning every night.

12. I met Nora Robert’s. Of course I got my picture with her. She is such a wonderful and gracious person. Talking with her was like talking to someone you’ve known for a while.

13. The Rita’s – OMG, it was fabulous. Everyone was dressed beautifully and my TARA chapter did quite well. Carly Phillips did amazing as our emcee. Afterwards there was a dessert party and everyone was able to congratulate the winners. There’s much more to tell but I’ve reached the end of the Thursday Thirteen so I’ll leave the rest to later.

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CrystalG said...

Great Thursday Thirteen. I love hearing about the RWA conference.

Ava Rose Johnson said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time Vicki!

Patricia W. said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed your first conference. Congratulations on the request for partial. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Would love to hear what Brenda Chin looks for in new authors. Blog post?

ERiCA said...

Great recap. #3 killed me!!!

OpenChannel said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Love the PJ party.

I just now got my 13's up... better late than never...