Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Check In and Weekly Contest

Have you ever noticed how some weeks fly by and some dragged, never seeming to end? Or have you had the week were both happened at the same time?

That was my week. Parts of it seemed to go on forever and then when it was finally Sunday it flew by.

At the ‘day job’, it’s been crazy. The new re-launch is tomorrow, which means anything and everything that has to be corrected is happening this past week and today. Thank goodness I enjoy my ‘day job’. Still I can’t wait until the day that I will be a full time writer. You know, staying home, writing in the pj’s, and not having what I consider two full time jobs.

Okay, here’s the word count for this past week:

Last Sunday’s ending word count: 17,759
Ending word count for the week: 21,636
Total new words added this week: 3877

Now for the fun part of Monday’s. This week’s contest giveaway is Linda Lael Miller”s, McKettrick’s Luck.

In case you aren’t familiar with this series here is the back cover blurb:

Like his celebrated ancestors who tamed the wilds of Arizona, Jesse McKettrick's Indian Rock ties run deep. The Triple M Ranch is in his blood, along with the thrill of risk. But with his land at stake, Jesse won't get involved in Cheyenne Bridges' scheme-despite the temptation she brings.

Cheyenne grew up in Indian Rock and left its painful memories behind to become a self-made woman. Now her job is to convince Jesse to sell his property. Jesse's not the kind of man Cheyenne could ever forget, but he's too wild and dangerous for a woman committed to playing it safe. Yet sparks of attraction fly, tempting Cheyenne to lay it all on the line for the passion she sees in Jesse's eyes and the tenderness she discovers in his heart.

I know you will love this book. It’s the first in a series which I think is way cool since it will start you out at the beginning. You know the drill, leave your comments this week and on Friday a winner will be selected and announced.

So, how did you do this week in the 100x100 or the 70 days of sweat? Are you doing either one of them? Does it help you to be a part of something like this? Keep you motiavated? Or does this make it harder for you to write?

Oh, and come back tomorrow for how bad do you want it. I don’t have a guest blogger tomorrow so it’ll be me. If you’d like to guest blog sometime send me an email at vickilanewrites at

Writing Wishes and Plotting dreams,


Patricia W. said...

Hey Vicki!

I didn't enroll in either writing challenge because they didn't fit with what I'm trying to do at the moment. I'm writing an entry for the Harlequin Super contest. First draft in 8 weeks, about 9,000 words per week. I'm just shy of that for week 1 (see my blog) so I'm doing alright.

OpenChannel said...

Since I'm starting another new script (it's a way of letting the other script go for a while so I can come back for a clean look) my goal was simply to decide what to work on next. Which I did. :-)

I'm doing some writing exercises around the story and managed about 1000 words in the past few days. Good times!