Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Color, Color Again...and Okay, Color Again XPosted

I was born blond . Not a stark white blond, but blond nonetheless. As I grew older, it tuned to what my family ever so sweetly called Dirty Dishwater blond.

Have you ever looked at dirty dishwater? I mean really, who wants to have hair the color of dirty water? Not me. Thus the little box with an applicator filled with awful smelling stuff along with a little brown bottle to add to it and shake, and shake, and…well, you know, shake it a bunch more. (I was always afraid I wouldn’t shake it enough. Just a tad OCD.)

Anyway, I’ll try to shorten what could be a very long story. I colored my hair a beautiful sun kissed blond. When it was time to color again, I did it. No problem. Yeah right. I didn’t really bother to read the directions and just colored my whole head. Now I had two different colors of blond and it wasn’t in a cool way.

I’m sure you can guess what happened next...

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Bray said...

Gotta love adventures in hair coloring. Left a post on the big post.

Chasing the Moon said...

Thanks so much for the hair story! So much work to look so fabulous. *Hugs*

Vicki said...

Bray - Don't you love them. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment on the group blog.

Chasing the Moon - Hey girl, thanks bunches!!

Hawk said...

Hey Vicki,

Checked out the end of your blonde story on the other blog - funny stuff!