Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ramblings with LKap…

She's back. Just in case anyone missed last week, LKap will be bloggin on Thursday's. What will she talk about? Anything and Everything. You won't want to miss it.

So we were going to do an interview today…sorry but if you want to know something specific post it and I’ll do my best to answer…within reason of course :) Truthfully, we need help….I think I’m boring :)

After spending an entire weekend posting back and forth with a bunch of great authors—some old and new found friends over at the Wicked Writers it got me to thinking…

I talk to these people almost every day. Say good morning to people I’ve never met. Tell them things I’d probably never say to most people. Send prayers out for sick family members or just others that don’t feel good. It’s a comfortable place for me and I’ve chatted with some amazing people.

But I’ve never met a single one of them face to face. (But hope to soon!)

This is how I came to my pondering. And some questions I asked myself—now I’m asking you.

In each of our lives we see some of the same people daily, weekly, monthly and sadly sometimes only yearly. But the bigger question hanging in my mind is how do we greet them?

Do you say good morning to everyone you pass in the hallway, subway, elevator? I know I try to, but not always.

Do you smile when you see someone you don’t really know? Again I try and it depends on my mood – not how it might affect the other person’s mood or their perception of me.

When you’re having a bad day do you take it out on the waitress who brings you your food and something is wrong with it (just something else to offset your day)? Me, I can honestly answer never to this – I’ve been a waitress. But I’ve seen people do it. Interjection here - Someone told me this once: “You can tell a true person’s insides by how they treat their waiter/waitress.” So far it’s been right on the money.

We live in a cyber world and it’s so easy to hide behind it. I love my group friends, but I honestly want to smile face to face and say hello to each and every one of them. So…pick up the phone, say good morning and smile at everyone you see.

As we get older we forget the task of being nice, and focus on the task at hand instead. There are a lot of great people out there waiting to see your smiling face and who knows it might make you feel better too.

Tell me – would you want to be your friend?

HI There! I’m Laurie :), It’s great to finally meet you!


Johnny (Sir John) Ray said...

I think each book I write is for a special exercise in learning the craft. I don't think I'm the only writer that an agent has told later -- i just didn't fall in love with your character. Well, my current book is going to be built around this one goal to make my characters very intriguing and likable. I just read a book called how to make anyone like you in less than 30 seconds.
So, my question after being long winded is how do you make characters so intriguing and likable the agent has no choice but to sign you up?

LKap said...

Excellent question and one I'm not sure I'm qualified to give. But I can give you my opinion.
Each character has to have individual personalities just as we do. Which to me means their actions and emotions must feel real. If you aren’t getting the connection maybe check to see if it’s in the right POV – maybe the other character has more to lose and you’d get more emotion for writing in their POV instead. This was great advice I got from another author and I did and it made a huge difference in connecting with the H/H and the plot line.
I believe in craft books, wholeheartedly, but I also believe if you read too many it confuses the creative part of your brain. If you’re stuck look for a craft book to help, but I can’t say any of them should be a bible on how to write. IMO
Great question and I hope it makes sense.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey there - sorry I missed last week - I was sick.

Glad to see you way are you're boring in a post or in person.

To anwer your question - yes, I am my own friend. I thought everyone was to themselves....then again for people who don't like themselves, I guess they wouldn't really want to be their own friend...but, I happen to like "me"...

What you see is what you get. I'm honest and I'm loyal and that's what makes a good friend. Yap, I'm a little wierd..but then again, I'm Irish. LOL, no really, it can't be helped...we Irish are a crazy lot!

Hugs Darlin' - Great post!

LKap said...

Hawk - I agree with you. and you are a great person which is why you have such a wonderful aura and are a good friend.
Thanks for stopping by

Bray said...

Hi there Laurie nice to see you again. Would I be my own friend? Its hard to tell. I am friendly and polite to people because that's how I would like to be treated but I have a hard time making real friends. I like to guard my heart so I don't think its that easy to get to know the real me. I hope that makes sense. Online I can be more of me. I feel safer putting myself out there.

LKap said...

Hey Bray
Totally get it - I'm confortable talking to people on line and I can be outgoing, but I'm a lot like you it takes a lot to get me to open up - just ask Vicki - but once I do, you'll never shut me up...LOL
thanks for coming by

Houston A.W. Knight said...


I'll be by every Thursday!

You're a wonderful person and a great friend too! I adore you hon!

Hugs Hawk