Monday, January 26, 2009

House Hunting

Science Guy and I thought we’d found the perfect house. We loved it. Love what the people had done to the house and even though the distance was longer for both of us work wise, we decided to put an offer on it.

Yeah, someone came in and made another offer at pretty much the same time and theirs was more than the asking price and cash. Guess who won.

Funny thing is I’m okay with it. A couple of days before we found out we weren’t getting the place I started having really bad feelings about it. Like scary bad, something horrible may happen to you in the house, feelings.

I figured I’d walk the house again and see if it was trying to tell me something and if they accepted our offer, we could always back out. Now I’m thinking who ever offered more was a guardian angel watching over me.

Today we looked at five, yep five houses. Most of them were yucky inside. The prior owners hadn’t taken very good care of their homes by any means. The neighborhoods were great, the outsides looked great, then we stepped inside, and it was like a different dimension.

However, we did find one that we both loved. It has everything we want and a bit more. The only room that needs updating is the kitchen. It’s in great shape, but I would (will if we get it) want to update it. The countertops and cabinets mostly.

The neighborhood is awesome. Beautiful and peaceful and yeah…I love it. Feels like a place we can easily call home.

So we’re putting in an offer and then the wait and see game begins. If you’ve read past post, you know I’m not so good with the wait thing.

In my head, I’m already planning what will be in the living room and what will be in the family room with the fireplace. I know I live in Florida, but I love a fireplace. Planning romantic candle lit moments around the Jacuzzi too. :)

Fingers crossed, but the realist in me says, if it doesn’t work out then it is the one for us and we’ll begin again. Or buy the one we’re currently renting with the lease option. I like it but it’s not quite as big as we’d like.

The one thing I’ve learned from this is I don’t like house hunting. The show on HGTV makes it look so much more fun then it is. Too many of the homes we’ve looked at in the past few months are not what they say or need tons of work or break your heart when you see kids stuff (lot’s of kids stuff) lying in the rooms.

What about you? Do you like house hunting? Would you rather stay where you are or would you like to move?

WW’s and PD’s,



Patricia W. said...

I can't say I like house hunting either. I enjoy looking at homes, especially the really nice ones. I hate the part that involves offers, contracts, negotiations, etc. because at that point, I'm personally invested and it's a disappointment not to get the house you want.

Bray said...

Good luck with the house.I love house hunting but aren't ready to buy yet. We are at a place we want to settle down yet but maybe in a few years.

Liza said...

I've never been house hunting. I'm still living in an apartment, which is fine with me for now. I do plan on trying to move to an apartment in a different area at some point, but I like the idea that someone else has to worry about the upkeep, the maintenance, the grounds, and the property taxes.

Good luck with the house.

Jill James said...

I hate house hunting. When we were looking in 2001 we had one weekend to find a house. Ours sold that quick that we needed a new house NOW. hahahaha We looked at 21 houses in two days and picked this one we live in now.

Karen Lingefelt said...

Don't get me started on house hunting, Vicki--maybe on my own blog someday--but a fireplace! A real fireplace!

I have an electric Charmglow fireplace in my living room, which probably works better for us than a real one. I can just see Baby Bear wanting to curl up inside when it's not lit.

Malicious Intent said...

Argh, I would hate house hunting, because I just know I would find something I adore and not get it. (I think I get attached to easily.)

Hubby had purchased his parents house, while they were all still living under this one roof. He was born here, so there was a comfort thing that was of course very appealing. They moved out within a month to the beach, but after I moved in and we started realizing how much work had to be done, despite the amazing deal, we had major renovations to do.

Never let your heart make decisions of the wallet. However at this point, either forecloser (strange, that is a sadly common things these days) or absolute necessity would be the only thing to make me move. Settled in, put a lot of work into it and a bigger house only means more to clean.

Good luck with the hunt...and do listen to the old wise house when you walk in, if it speaks and says you are not the one, listen!

Vicki said...

Patricia, it's not my favorite thing either. Like you, I love to go to the model homes, but that's more for decorating ideas. :)

Vicki said...

Thanks Bray for the good luck wishes. I'm figuring if it's meant to be it will happen.

Liza, I loved living in my apartment for the longest time so I get what you mean. :)

Vicki said...

Jill, OMG, one weekend. That had to be one wild ride of a few days. I'm glad you found something you love.

Vicki said...

Karen, we have one of those fireplaces in our house we're renting now. I like it and will take it with us, but I so love a fire in a real fireplace. But my kids are grown. Totally different.

Vicki said...

MI - girl, the feelings for that one house was bad, bad, bad. I knew we couldn't buy it. I trust what my insides tell me. I have too.