Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ramblings from an over-written mind – yes that’s me, Laurie K

So this will be a long post. First, here's Amazon's blurb for HOT Flash.

On Jill Morgan Storm's fortieth birthday, she declares she is through with love. A conviction well justified, considering her first husband didn't leave her for another woman; he became one! More recently, her love affair came to a screeching halt when her lover dumped her for a young undergraduate. To make matters worse, the teeny-bopper stole Jill's "well-seasoned" frying pan, and when you're a sous chef, that's no small offense; it's a major felony.

When financial obligations threaten her son's dream of attending art school, Jill and her friends devise a foolproof plan to audition candidates for a new husband. The search for Mr. Right is on.

There is one problem, however. His name is Davin Wesley, an annoying third-grade schoolteacher, who relentlessly plagues her days, haunts her nights, and propels her libido into overdrive. She knows he is absolutely, undeniably wrong for her. So why, then, does Mr. Wrong take her breath away, curl her toes, and give her a hot flash every time she sees him? More importantly, what will she do if Mr. Wrong is actually Mr. Right?

Tomorrow the winner will be announced for this must have book. Yay!!

Now for the rest of the post. Starting today, my cp LKap will be blogging on Thursday's. Next week I'll have an interview with her, so you can get to know her better. Or ask her questions.

Take it away, Laurie.

Ever had one of those days where you sit at your computer all day, typing away, the story is flowing, the sun is shining, the birds are singing. And you think…it’s about time. Then it stops.

Yep, that was me.

Then all of a sudden, random thoughts just pop in, having absolutely nothing to do with the story you’re working on or a story you think you could work on. Nope they’re just random pieces of information you’ll do nothing with, clogging up your brain.

Okay, now you know why I’m here. I had to let it out someplace and V was nice enough to let me use her fabuloso blog. That and when she asked me to blog I had no idea what to write about. Thanks V. ;-) (She’ll probably never ask me again after this…heehee)

Plus, I had to get it out of my head so my characters would come back and wouldn’t have to muddle through all these ramblings. Someone working this story should have an idea after all.

Some might sound like a story, some are just thoughts. Oh, and let me know if this happens to you too. I’m really not comfortable in my OCD rambling state alone. LOL (not true really, anyone who knows me would say I’d be fine as a hermit). But I really do want to hear from you. ;-)

So here we go.

Listening to my HHB (more on that in a minute), and his BFF (yes men have BFF’s they just don’t openly admit it) were talking on the phone and I realized when they became friends they were total opposites. Cool if you think about it, because each of them was the alter ego to the other. Just as our characters and their friends should have, right? Well yeah….okay…maybe. Thank goodness I write fiction, because I get to control the bad habits my hero man picks up. Not so easy in real life I’ll tell ya. After about ten years of friendship, HHB is now the louder of the two (seeing them in a room together you might just run away from the very, very large Italian/Polish man and very large but shorter Polish man talking as if it’s a contest to see who can get on the Richter scale). If you’re from either of these kinds of families or know these kinds of families we're on the same page here…right? Oh well I love him so what’s a girl to do. ‘-)

So are you wondering about HHB? Well he is the best I must admit. Someone was looking out for me that Fourth of July day. Yep, fireworks the whole shebang and not just in the sky…lol. I have to say it was lust at first sight (even though I openly admit to saying he was the man I was going to marry less than 24 hours later) only because I don’t believe you can love someone that quickly (but we can write it) – but twenty-four years later and I have both—lucky me. His nickname came about because he does all the cooking so I can write once I get home from the day job. One day he says to me (kiddingly) “I’m like your house bitch.” Well I couldn’t disagree, so I added the Hot—because it’s true too. So came HHB = Hot House Bitch (all in love).

Huh…I don’t have a thing left to say and Xavier is talking to me again, and when he talks you need to listen—he’s not real fond of being ignored any command he gives.

Can’t wait to hear what you think.


And any comments to Laurie or to Kathy will still be added to the contest this week for HOT FLASH.


Munk said...

The Book sounds great and yes I have those days all the time. LOLOLOLO

Kytaira said...

Hey, I have a HHB as well! I'll have to tell him that one!

The book sounds really great.

johnny ray said...

Some days are like this. Today I'm at Panera Bread and working on characters for my next novel. If you happen to walk through, you might be my next main character. However, this is one of the main reason I get out to write. Yes, I'm a very big people watcher. It is a distraction but a major help in my writing at the same time.

It is always interesting to see what others do to get going again.

I talked to Michael Connelly a few weeks ago. He said he doodles until he starts writing again.
Johnny (Sir John) Ray

Kathy Carmichael said...

Very nice post! Love it about HHB :) -- KC

LKap said...

Hey guys! Sorry I'm late day job interfering with me having fun with you today. Thanks for stopping by.
Munk - Love the pic
Kytaira - everyone should have an HHB
Jonny Ray - enjoy people watching, always helps
Kathy - Hey girl

Everyone have a great day. I'll be back when I can

Bray said...

Hey will be nice to see you over here on Thursday. Thanks Vicki for letting her come play. I don't have long rambling thoughts but I totally have the random thoughts. Mine always segue into something else and five thoughts down the road I am somewhere else completely.

LKap said...

Hey Bray!!!
Good to see you here!!!
Yeah I actually cut this down to 2 or it would have been a small essay...LOL.
Thanks for commenting

Karin Tabke said...

Lucky you, Laurie! My hubby's idea of cooking is ordering pizza!

Although, he cooks a killer breakfast. :)

LKap said...

Hey Karin -
Great to see you here!! Thanks for stopping by!!
There is nothing wrong with a killer breakfast - I love breakfast you just need to talk him into cooking it at night :-)
And IMO, Pizza is the best food on the planet - so I for one would be happy...LOL

Vicki said...

Hey everybody, I actually know Laurie's HHB and trust me, he is all she says and more. (I can get away with saying that cause she knows he's like a brother to me):)

I'm so excited Laurie will be here every Thursday and we have some surprises coming in the next couple of weeks and months as well. You never know exactly who will show up, Laurie, Me, a Character or two...

LKap said...

Guess you're stuck with me guys - she wants me to stick around....LOL

ahhhh, HHB might blush when he hears that.

Vicki said...

Are you kidding me, LKap, it took a long time to get you here, you're staying. :D :D~

Laurie D. said...

My hubster is absolutely a HHB - but I'm not telling him!

Great blog, Laurie!

Kathy Lane said...

Hi Laurie. Yeah, I know it's late. My only excuse is that I was reading a book I didn't want to put down. Wanted to stop in and say hi before the day was over. Enjoyed your HHB blog.

LKap said...

Hey Laurie thanks for popping by - every woman should have an HHB - but it's ok to keep it to yourself, don't want them to get to cocky!!!

Hey Kathy - Late or not I'm glad you stopped by. Hey I get it a good book is hard to put down. Glad you liked it ;-)