Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rant Warning….

I know this is a little late and it’s done and over with, but frankly my temper hasn’t settled on the subject of the President’s back to school speech.

Before I start this rant, let me say that these are my views and mine alone.

So let’s get started, shall we….

When I was in school we didn’t have a choice if we got to watch the President’s back to school speech – we just did (and yes I did) it wasn’t an option. Since when do we have to sign permission slips to watch a Presidential address? Obviously that time is now.

My father would have MADE me watch it. He was a History teacher. And this was part of it. Something that maybe you won’t care about, but something you should be a part of. You can’t understand the future if we don’t understand our past. (Thanks Dad – that one stuck).

I could care less if you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Conservative or a fish in the nearest pond. It makes no difference if you’re black, white, or indigo. The main thing is that you respect other human beings. And quite honestly IMO, this was one of the biggest acts of disrespect from every walk of life: from housewives to other political figureheads. Because, whether you agree or not, Barack Obama is The President of The United States of America, and deserves the respect that office entails. As a nation we broadcast our views around the world that we didn't want our children to see the President speak. Again WTF!

We don’t have to agree with our bosses, we don’t have to have the same religion, the same political beliefs or even the same taste in food – but I’ll be damned if I don’t respect them in a professional manner that is entitled with their position. And trust me I don't agree a lot, but they still get my professional respect.

The same should apply to the President of the United States. He was elected, he is now the President, and IMO we need to give him the respect he deserves.

How can we teach our children to respect authority, when we have to sign permission slips to watch The President of the United States talk to our kids. I bet if Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods came to give a speech on the 1st day of school, no one would say a word. And if people kept their kids home (because it was their right to do so) did they let their kids watch MTV or 90210 - becasue those people have really earned our respect. NOT. But frankly those are the people our kids look up to - how sad is that, when you think about it.

And we wonder why a lot of the kids today have no respect for authority - which would be us as parents, bosses, elderly - anyone who has earned the right, like say the President.

I don’t typically talk politics or religion even with very close friends, but this set something off that I couldn’t shut down.

If you stayed with me – thanks for letting me rant. Again these are my opinions.

But know that I respect your opinions as well - but since there is someone sitting in the big white house on the hill - I have the right to delete any inappropriate comments - because it's still a free country as long as there is someone sitting in that big oval office. And for that I will respect the position!



PatriciaW said...

Laurie, you said everything I've been thinking (and ranting to my husband). Thank you.

LKap said...

Patricia -
Long time no see -
Well somebody had to say it. It might as well have been me :-)
I could have gone on, but had to stop myself :-)
And you are so welcome :-)

Vicki said...

You're so right. It makes me sad to see the shape our nation is in when we won't allow the person elected as our President to tell our children that education is important.

What got me more than anything wasn't the parents who said no way would their kids watch or hear it. No, that's there right as parents whether I agree with it or not.

But our schools? Why would they even be given the choice to show or not show an address by our President? I don't get that one. And frankly it makes me sad and angry that people thought they had the right to be rude to the man who is our President.

One thing I taught my children is as Americans we have the right to vote. Use it. Vote for who you believe in, BUT if that person isn't the person elected into office, then guess what, that person is now your President whether you voted for them or didn't and they deserve the respect of the office.

And today I read where someone in the cabinet yelled out to him during his talk with them that he lies. What is that? Since when do you yell out at your President (or boss, or whatever) in the middle of a meeting, those words?

It's a sad world.

Vicki said...

Oh, and waving at Patricia!!

Teacher said...

From a teacher's POV, it really didn't matter to me if I was allowed to show it in class or not (I was not). But, leaving my personal opinion of whether or not this should be shown in school during class time aside...

What people were upset about (at least as it appears to me) was not the speech in and of itself. Historically, Presidents have done back to school speeches. Additionally, we watched the inauguration ceremony in my classroom and no one was upset about that (and it even included the Lord's prayer). What people were very upset about were the accompanying materials from the department of education. These suggested activities make the speech more than just a speech.

Additionally, we must remember that our country is one that provides it citizens with the right to make their own choices (some of which I don't believe should even be a choice, but that is a whole other rant). While disrespecting the President is not acceptable IMO, parents should have the right to choose whether their child watches this speech in class or not. Some may have wanted their child to watch it, but prefer that it be watched with the parent so that they can stop and discuss statements that are made as the parent sees fit. Depending on the age of the child, one may have been leery of having a teacher who could have an opposing belief system lead such a discussion with their child.

I agree that disrespect is not okay. Regardless of who you voted for, this is our President and like you said, he deserves the respect that goes along with that office. IMO, respectfully declining the opportunity to hear him speak is not disrespectful. It is one's right as an American.

LKap said...

Teacher -
Thanks so much for chiming in, and you are correct it was the concept that stated it all.
And it is a right to watch or not, from a parents POV - although my tax money pays for public schooling which is also federally funded by the goverment.....
Thanks for coming and adding your opinions