Thursday, September 3, 2009

Staycation – WhooHoo

Today is my Friday and I’m counting the hours until 5:00PM. The day job, like so many others, is closed on Monday and I’m off tomorrow.

A four day staycation. I love it. Normally when I take a vacation from the day job, even a short one like this, it’s to go somewhere and do something. Never to just relax.

I’ve got plans…plans to do whatever I want.

Maybe I’ll relax by the pool with a cabana boy or two bringing me margaritas, yeah, not so much. The pool in our new house was filled in with dirt a few years before we bought it and Science Guy is the only cabana boy in this household.

No, my time off is going to be finishing the Florida room. Major yay!! Science Guy’s tools will no longer be on the dinning room table, but back in the garage where they belong. And the kitchen ceiling will be repainted.

After that, I have a weekend of writing and finishing Diana Peterfreund’s Rampant. (Fabulous book).

Science Guy is going to work in the backyard so maybe I’ll do a little of that with him, but all in all, I have four days of staying in our new home and finishing things up.

Labor Day we’ll (I mean he’ll) cook out and chill.

What about you? Do you take staycation’s? Are you like me and your vacations always involve going somewhere and staying busy the entire time?



Liza said...

I pretty much always have some place I have to go when I take vacation days. I have a half day off tomorrow and my staycation will consist of reading, taking a few naps, and doing laundry. I was going to visit my sister and her family, but her middle child got the flu, so I'm waiting a couple of weeks before I go. I do have tickets to see Wicked on Sunday, and I'm very excited.

Vicki said...

Liza - I so want to see Wicked. My daughter went to see it twice and she keeps telling me I have to go. It's not coming here until Feb. so fingers crossed. :)

Brandy W said...

I think the point of taking time off is to go places. I don't know too many people who willingly take off time to stay home. Novel idea I tell ya.

LKap said...

Have a great day off

Liza said...

Vicki, buy your tickets early for Wicked. It is in Nashville for almost 3 weeks and I bought my tickets in the pre-sale time and we are still in the balcony.