Friday, September 4, 2009


So as I sit here I realize I have a lot of items that surround where I work. They are my talisman’s of a sort.

My bestest bud, “V” got me this great fairy charm and a door for them to enter through. I have a dragon sitting watch on the door frame, she also got for me. I have a small statue, which I’ve had for years, of the “Guardian of Hopes and Dreams” – which is also one of my tattoos.

What does this all means to me?

These are the things I choose to have around me when I write. I don’t need a picture of my heroine, I know what she looks like (but I like the form she will be in). I don’t need a picture of a handsome man for my hero – again I know what he looks like too. But what I do need are the things that inspire me to go forward and do this grueling business. A reminder, that this is a dream and there is someone or something, helping me watch over it and keep me in line.

These are my Talisman’s….Do you have one, or two?


Vicki said...

I have several things on my desk from ATB's series. It started in Dallas when we went shopping and I found that little bird bath. :)

Now I've got the witch (can't say who that is, spoiler) the snake, the cementary headstone with the girl crying, the tree, and the Elizabeth's bottle of oil.

I've also got my fairy dust and my wish box. I love the wish box. Not because I made them, but because of what I was prompted to put within them.

Cathy M said...

My twin boys were born on St Patrick's Day, and I always carry around the shamrock worry stone that my hubby gave me when they were born. My boys are definitely my best good luck charm, but the stone feels so good in my hand and helps me get through stressful situations, like dentist appointments, lol.

Brandy W said...

Hmmm....I'm not sure I have any right now. There is nothing that calls to me at the moment.

I'll have to rectify the situation I think.