Monday, August 6, 2007

Monady Check In and Weekly Contest

I can’t believe its Monday and time to check in again. This is definitely not one my highest word counts for the week since I’ve been finishing edits. Note to self: never let edits go beyond a couple of chapters. Now that they’re completed I’ll be writing forward again. WhooHoo!!!

Here’s the count for the week:

Last Sunday’s ending word count: 21,636
Ending word count for the week: 23, 285
Total new words added this week: 1,649

Since the beginning (I’m on Day 44) of the 100x100 I’ve added a total of 23, 285 words.

Now for the fun part, the contest. This week’s contest is for Carly Phillips book Cross My Heart.

She's gone from riches to rags—and back again!

Ten years ago, Lilly Dumont was the ultimate poor little rich girl, complete with a huge inheritance...and an uncle determined to take it from her. With the help of her first love, she faked her own death and ran away to New York City, leaving behind everything, including her own name. Lilly Dumont was gone, but Lacey Kincaid was going to make it. Only neither one ever forgot Ty Benson.

Now Lacey's back to claim her inheritance. And her sizzling reunion with Ty has made her homecoming something to remember! Only not everybody's thrilled to see Lacey alive and well... And it's up to Ty to make sure his childhood sweetheart doesn't disappear again—for good!

It you’d like to read an excerpt please go to Carly’s site Cross My Heart Excerpt

This is an awesome can't put it down book. Once you've read it you'll be dying to know Molly and Hunter's story. Guess what? Carly being the fab author that she is has written their story. Sealed With A Kiss will release on September 25th. I'm so excited and I know you will be too!

You know the drill; leave a comment anytime this week to be entered into the contest. On Friday I’ll announce the winner.

How’s your week been? Are you doing the 100x100 or the Sweatin Seventy? If you haven’t joined either than why not start today. If you have let us know how your week went.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Jill James said...

I don't follow any program at the moment but I did add 12,000 words for the week, so I'm a very happy camper.

December/Stacia said...

Hey, even editing counts as work. :-)

Anonymous said...

Vicki, thank you for running a contest for CROSS MY HEART!

To sweeten the deal, whoever wins, I'll send an autographed bookplate! (blog)

flchen1 said...

What an exciting contest! I've been watching many of you impressive writers as you go through this 70 days thing, but am not much of a writer myself, so I'll cheer you all on from the sidelines :) Great writing, everyone!

Patricia W. said...

Not participating in the challenges but I added about 4k to my wip this week. Beneath my target but feel good about it.

OpenChannel said...

Jill - that's fantastic. Way to go.

Editing definitely counts... editing is writing. Although I never edit along the way, I write start to finish. I find I can get too obsessive during editing trying to find just the write word.

I love checking in here on Mondays, but I don't have anything really to check in with at the moment.

Vicki, every since I did that Thursday Thirteen journal post, I've been inspired to explore all my old journals and mine them for gold. Or gems. Or whatever I can find. Iron ore, perhaps! I'm just trying to figure out how I can turn that into a check in...

ERiCA said...

Since the beginning of the 100x100 I’ve added a total of 23, 285 words.

Yay! You're doing awesome. =)

Vicki said...

Jill, that's an amazing word count for the week!!!

December, you are so right. Editing is work. I'm happy that this round of edits tightened the story and produce a 'few' more words. :)

Vicki said...

Carly, thanks for sweetening the deal and stopping by!

CMH is a great book. Whoever wins will not only love Lacey (Lilly) and Ty's story but won't have to wait to long to read Molly and Hunter's story. I had to wait and trust me I've been chopping at the bit for it to come out.

Vicki said...

flchen1, we can always use the cheering, but feel free to join us at anytime. Biggest thing to remember is 100 words is a half page. :)

Patricia, 4k words is great!

Openchannel, I can't wait to read more of your T13 journals. I loved them.

Thanks Erica. I'm hoping by the end of this 100 day I'll have written 'the end' :)

tetewa said...

Keep up the good word count and would love to win a copy of the book!