Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Check In and Contest

How can it be Monday? Where did the weekend go? I’ve got muscles I didn’t know I had and they ache. The painting is done in the new house with the exception of a small touch-up. I got paint on a little area of the crown molding in what will be my office.

The place is clean but me being who I am, I still needed to wipe out all the cabinets, clean the wood floors, and clean the bathroom before the movers come on Thursday. Science Guy and I spent the weekend getting all of the above accomplished. I must say, I’m tired, achy, and really proud of how it looks.

We’re taking boxes over each night this week that we won’t let the movers move and putting that stuff away. Then there are my clothes and shoes. Those go tonight. Yep, everything that hangs with the exception of the outfits I’ll need for work for the next two days and then jeans for Thursday. For those of you who know me well, you know this is a hard thing for me. I never decide what I’m going to wear until the morning when I’m getting ready.

All of that to give you an update and okay try to give you an excuse for not writing this week. I finally had to give myself a break and know that next week I’ll settle back in and write, write, write. So, my check in would be: zip, zilch, nadda.

Contest time. This week I’m excited to be giving away Karen Rose’s new book DIE FOR ME. The book will be available August 28, 2007.

Karen Rose is a Rita award winning, USA bestselling author of Romantic Suspense. If you like suspense then this is the book for you. Her stories are completely real and believable while down right scary. Tip: You might not want to read this before bed. :)

Here’s the back cover blurb:


The first victim is found in a snow-covered Philadelphia field. Detective Vito Ciccotelli enlists the aid of archaeologist Sophie Johannsen to determine exactly what lies beneath the frozen ground. Despite years of unearthing things long buried, nothing can prepare Sophie for the matrix of graves dug with chilling precision. The victims buried there haunt her. But the empty graves terrify her – the killer isn’t done yet.


He is cold and calculating, the master of a twisted game. Even with Vito and Sophie hot on his trail, he will not stop. One more empty grave must be filled, and one last scream must be heard – the scream of an archaeologist who is too close for comfort and too near to resist…

Click the link to read an excerpt.

How was your week? Did you write? Did life issues get in the way of your passion this week? Let us know how you did. We’re here to cheer your success or encourage you for the coming week.

Leave your comments to be entered in this week’s giveaway.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Congrats on getting so much good hard work accomlished this weekend--you should be proud (and probably achy too)!

Just make sure you get back to the writing quick!

Patricia W. said...

Tough writing week but I tried. School started. Busy at work. Still I got in 21 longhand pages. Not sure what that will add up to but it's something.

tetewa said...

Sounds like you had an exhausting weekend hope the week goes better for you. As a reader and not a writer I'm looking forward to Karen's new release!

Bill Clark said...

Congrats on the weekend progress, even though it wasn't writing-related. Actually, it *was* writing-related, as it gave you something to blog about, and you also made painting progress on your office - which as we all know is really your writing lair, right? :-)

Vicki said...

Alyssa, I know I've got to get back to my wip. I hate having to go back in cold.

Patricia - wow, 21 handwritten pages is awesome. Once you start typing it in I'm sure you have more coming to you. :)

tetwa - Karen's books are fab!

Bill - Thanks, you make me feel just a bit better on the writing. But yeah, to have my own office is going to be wonderful. I'm looking forward to that big time.

OpenChannel said...

You got your painting done in one weekend?? That is an accomplishment. Definitely give yourself a break... moving is a lot of work.

I started with the typing on novel #2 in my series. Feels great!

Word last week: 2,160
Total words: 2,160

This is in addition to hand-writing and then typing up a 10 page treatment/outline (and I just said in my blog I didn't do outlines, haha)

Isn't it always tough to start that first sentence? But then something takes over and zoom, you're off!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your weekend progress!

I've been reading great reviews on Karen's books! I need to check out her backlist from the library.

Terri W.

Patricia W. said...

Ooops! Forgot to tell you that I tagged you for the middle name meme. When you have a chance...

Jill James said...

Sounds like everything is coming along.

I edited 20 hours this week, added 24 pages, and the fulls go out this week. Yeah!!!

Erica Ridley said...

Yay, Karen! Yay, Die For Me! Yay, Vicki with the aching back and sparkling clean house! =)

CrystalG said...

Congratulations on getting so much done. My week has started out bad. I have an eye infection and it is driving me nuts.

Vicki said...

Sorry I'm answering everyone at once and promise next week will be better.

OC - Congrats on starting your 2nd and your word count is great!

Terri - Hey! Karen's books are amazing. And just in case you didn't know she's going to start having them in HB as well. How cool is that. :)

Jill - You've had a very productive week! Don't you just love it when a week comes together in the writing world.

Erica - Although I may be dead tired right now, moving into the house with everything done and ready to unpack is going to be great.

crystalg - I'm so sorry to hear about your eye. That can and will drive a writer/reader crazy. Probably anyone crazy but especially people like us.

Patricia - I'm off to your site for a moment to check out the middle name meme. :) It may be next week before I can do it though.