Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday Fun - Could You Pass High School

Wow. I guess it’s a good thing I graduated a while ago. I made good to great grades in high school. No, really I did. I did so well last week with vocabulary. That’s it, there weren’t enough English questions. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Now, to slink off to brush up on my politics and math.

You Passed High School with an C

You have the brains of a high school graduate... at least!

Come on, take the test. Let us know how you did.

Writing Wishes,


Bill Clark said...

Geez, Vicki, this is getting boring... ;-)

*Check Bill's blog for his score*

Vicki said...

Bill, that's cause you're the smartest guy ever. ;)

Really, I was surprised at my score. Well, not when I looked at the questions. That I did not know the answer too.

Just for you, I'll change it up a bit next Wednesday and do something different. :D

Patricia W. said...

I got a D but I think something's wrong with the test. I would lay money on 8 out 10 of my answers.

Bill, since you got an A+ maybe you could enlighten us on your blog?

Vicki said...

Patricia, I'm with you on the test. Okay, maybe not. I couldn't laid money on that many of my answers. (g).

Karen Lingefelt said...

I got a B. I'm sure it was the math questions. I'm no good at numbers. Might explain why I became a writer instead of an accountant.

Jill James said...

I got a C too. Man, I remember doing much better in school.

RubyD said...

Got a B...does the brain slow down with age? Could it be because I graduated 51 years ago? *G*

Bill Clark said...

Patricia, do you really want me to *give* away the answers? Especially before Erica has taken the test?

OK, here's the deal: after we see what Erica gets, I'll post the answers here on Vicki's blog. So everyone email Miss E and tell her to get her score in! :-)

ERiCA said...

I got "an B", which says something right there about the scoring. *g

I was pretty sure I got them all right, so I'm not sure how I missed out on an A.

Am looking forward to Bill's super-secret methodology...

Bill Clark said...

OK, gang, you've probably noticed a few things already about these quizzes:

1) The comment and verbiage always stay the same, regardless of your grade. Thus Erica's grade of "an B" (they were expecting her to get an A, but she let them down). ;-)

2) There are (at least in the HS quiz) ten questions. Get them all right, and you score A+. Miss one, and you fall to an A. And it goes downhill rapidly from there...

OK, that's the methodology in their innocent madness. The rest is simply a matter of getting the answers right:

As everyone knows, an irrational number is a repeating decimal that cannot be expressed as a fraction. So the correct answer is pi.

Finland was never part of the USSR. The Finns and Lapps are fiercely nationalistic - cf. Sibelius. True, they were in the Communist sphere of influence, but they always remained independent in name, at least. (Bill remembers sadly the gorgeous leggy blonde Finnish girl who offered to initiate him all those years ago, and he was - alas - too shy. Color me dumb!!!)

Anyone with an Advent TV (do they still make those?) will know that there are red, green, and blue lenses which focus together on the screen to create the full spectrum.

87 is divisible by 3 (90 = 30 x 3, so obviously it's 29 x 3), and therefore not prime.

Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President, and approved (or not) by Congress...I still don't know how "Long Dong Silver" Clarence Thomas got approved - it was pretty clear to me that Anita Hill was the truth-teller in that one.

Surely everyone got "they're going to move their car"?!

As for girls' outfits, I have to confess that it's much easier being a man. Our wardrobes are simpler, and our drying-cleaning bills lower. 'Nough said. The answer is 2 times 3 times 3 = 18.

I know saraclaradara will get the next one: her arch-nemesis Dick Cheney gets to break the tie. (Her other arch-nemesis is Cheney's boss.)

Once again, I'm sure everyone got "I'd leave him if I were you" - how many times have y'all said this to one another??

Used to be only one President had been impeached - Andrew Johnson. Then along came Bill Clinton, and then Monicagate, and suddenly there were two. (Neither one was convicted and removed from office.) Nixon, of course, would have been the first President to have been impeached and convicted, so he left under his own steam while he still could. And then Ford pardoned him, which is why he lost the election to Carter...but I digress. (What's new?)

OK, guys, there it is - TMI and all. Erica, I think the vocab one you missed may have been "peruse", which means read closely, not quickly. See my comment elsewhere on Vicki's blog.

That's it - school's out. Happy summer! (Or what's left of it...)

OpenChannel said...

I got an "A" so I feel redeemed from that B+ on the spelling test.

#3 and #10 are kind of trick questions. "primary colours of light" doesn't mean the same thing as "primary colours" and most people think "impeach" means to fire when it really means to "charge with improper conduct." I remember having this discussion when Clinton was impeached.

And NONE of the answers to #7 are correct. I have more than 2 skirts, 3 tops, and 3 pairs of shoes and I can't make any outfits.

Bill Clark said...

LOL, Openchannel!! Full marks, as they say north of the border!

*Bill also wonders what a drying-cleaning bill is...sometimes his fingers make up new expessions all on their own, leaving him scratching his head in puzzlement*

Vicki said...

Thanks Bill for the 'secrets'. Since my score was "C", I missed several of them.(insert blushing).

Openchannel, isn't it the truth. It doesn't matter how many clothes I have I'm still trying to figure out what to wear.

OpenChannel said...

I always say it doesn't matter if you know the answer, it just matters that you know how to FIND the answer. :-)

I just joined the Monday Poetry Train and I'm thinking of using one of the poems from my TT this week. I'm letting readers choose which one... should be fun.

(as long as they don't pick the Charles Barklay one, I have no idea where that one was going)

ERiCA said...

Ah, I missed the impeach thing (which I also thought meant fire) and the Supreme Court Justices thing (because since I myself will be a world superpower very soon, my status will override theirs anyway *g)

Openchannel, you are so right re: outfits!!

ERiCA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vicki said...

Whoever was the last person to comment I wanted to let you know that I did not delete your post.

I'm really not sure how that happened so...if you come back and see it's been deleted please re-post.

Patricia W. said...

Bill, thanks for the secrets and the answers. Now I'm really confused. I got a 'D' when, based on your responses, I got 9 out of 10 right!