Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

We Found A House - 13 Things About Moving

1. Boxes – I have some but will need more.

2. Arranging the furniture in my head, over and over again. My oversized red chairs aren’t going to fit in the living room.

3. Packing – 2 weeks ahead of time (this is Science Guy’s idea, I’m the procrastinator on these things). I am throwing away junk though.

4. Taking the blow dryer out of the box – It’s two weeks till we move. I’m going to need it.

5. Giving away things that I don’t need or want and someone else does.

6. Yard sale – do I really need to say more? I hate to do them, like going to one, hate to do them.

7. Movers to move us – Yeah! This is one of my fav’s since it makes it so much easier and quicker.

8. Placing the furniture in the new house. No longer in my head or on paper. More than likely anything I thought of will change.

9. Unpacking the boxes – deciding where things will go in the kitchen.

10. Throwing away more junk.

11. Decorating – The pictures and stuff like that.

12. Buying new stuff to replace the stuff I throw out thinking it was junk. :)

13. Rearranging the furniture, again.

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Happy Thursday!


InsertWittyBlogHere said...

LOL, my last two TTs were about moving - we're about to do the deed, too. ARGH, I do not look forward to it!

spyscribbler said...

Movers to move you?? Wow, that's a luxury! Actually, I'm watching movers move the family across the street, as I write!

Good luck with the move! Sounds like he--, though. :-) Happy TT!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Yay! Congratulations. It'll feel so great when you get into the house and make it all yours.

Julie S said...

Congrats on the move! Good luck. It's exhausting, but worth it in the end.

Anonymous said...

Movers are the only way to go. I had friends and family move me twice. Last time I had the movers do it and was unloading boxes within 3 hours. All the furniture was arranged per my instructions, so I only had to put things away and dump all the boxes(I mostly used rubbermaid storage bins and move with those and store until next move).

Good luck with the move.


Patricia W. said...

Congratulations on finding a home!

Moving sucks but having a home is great.

ERiCA said...

Bought a house in November and still haven't completed step 11 yet... *sigh* =)

Best of luck with the new digs!!!

OpenChannel said...

Congrats on the house!

I'm strange, I think I'm the only one I know who actually likes moving. It's a lot of work, though.