Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday Fun - What Does Your Car Say About You in the Romance Department

We’ve all heard that the eyes are the windows into our soul. How our appearance can make a statement about who we are. Well, how about our cars and what it means in the romance department. My local radio station 94.9 had this on yesterday morning and since most of us write romance and all of us read romance, I thought you might enjoy it.

Terri Orbuch, Ph.D. has this to say about the cars we drive and what said cars say about us in romance.

"Many people rely on their date’s choice of clothing as the primary indicator of personality, but their date’s car may be an even bigger indicator of who they really are—especially in the love department,” says Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., the host of Detroit’s popular Love Doctor live television and radio programs.

The car: A fully loaded SUV

What the car says about its owner: More often than not, an SUV driver is an organized person who might even be a bit of a paranoid pack-rat, Dr. Orbuch says. “AN SUV driver probably has everything from freeze-dried energy bars to emergency flares in the truck space,” she explains. The 4-wheel-drive tells you that this person wants to be prepared for both emergencies and for spontaneous adventures—a bit of a paradox, isn’t it? Dr. Orbuch notes that this person enjoys control and likes to be at the top of his or her game, whether it be sports, work, family, or trivia and ultimately is a motivated, energetic, and passionate person.

What the car says about its owner’s love style: “An SUV driver likely prefers his or her partners to also be organized, although it’s doubtful you can meet their standards in that department,” says Dr. Orbuch. She notes that the driver probably won’t mesh well with partners who lack a zest for life: “This person is looking for someone with a sense of adventure and even a bit of unpredictability—but chances are, he or she will have an extra toothbrush for you in case you forget yours!”

The car: A red convertible

What the car says about its owner: While it’s easy to assume that the owner of a shiny convertible is either flashy or going through a midlife crisis, Dr. Orbuch suggests otherwise: “Someone who drives this kind of car has two sides, each of which is revealed depending on the setting.” She says its driver can have a shy streak (a sexy car is akin to a conversation-starter), but in general (and especially in relationships) this person is an alpha-type.

What the car says about its owner’s love style: The convertible’s driver likes to lead a stylish life—so his or her mate had better appreciate that flair, too. What’s more, Dr. Orbuch observes, “someone who is social, outgoing and extremely comfortable with others is a good fit. If you’re the driver, you will have no problem if your mate is magnetically charismatic, just as long as he or she can loop arms and feel safe while you do the shining.”

The car: A station wagon

What the car says about its owner: As the SUV has become the most popular “car that hauls” choice in the vehicular marketplace, the driver who remains committed to rolling in a station wagon is clearly a traditionalist. “A station-wagon driver doesn’t like change and can’t seem to figure out what all the fuss is about new technology and such,” Dr. Orbuch asserts. “He or she is highly practical, but may have a secret penchant for high-priced comfort items like his and hers sheepskin seat covers,” she says.

What the car says about its owner’s love style: This driver is looking for a partner who is honest and sincere, just like he or she is—someone who isn’t afraid to trust and commit to a good relationship, Dr. Orbuch notes. “If the driver doesn’t have or want kids, it’s likely that he or she wants to get involved with a date’s extended family big-time—like for cookouts with the folks, family reunions, and so on,” she says. “His or her perfect partner is someone who will be a formidable badminton teammate at the next family gathering.” Nothing wrong with good, clean, wholesome fun, now is there?

The car: A Honda Accord or other sensible sedan

What the car says about its owner: Someone who drives this practical vehicle is most likely educated and intelligent, Dr. Orbuch says. “This driver probably likes discussing politics and is very well-read and mature,” she explains. “People who drive these kinds of cars don’t take big risks in life, but hey, that mentality has served them well up to now!” What you may find pleasantly surprising is that the driver probably has a lot of savings socked away. “This kind of person has invested his or her money well and may very well be enjoying a cushy lifestyle, but is just smart enough to know that a car is a horrible investment,” she explains. Ultimately, he or she cares about value, not flash.

What the car says about its owner’s love style: Its owner will most enjoy someone who likes to converse about life, Dr. Orbuch suggests. “He or she thinks that support, friendship, and honesty are essential to a good healthy relationship,” she says. Additionally, he or she probably doesn’t mind spending a lot of money on a mate—“especially when it comes to travel, fabulous hotels, and great restaurants,” she says. The thinking is: “I save when I can to splurge when I want.”

The car: A Jeep Wrangler or FJ Cruiser

What the car says about its owner: Believe it or not, this person is not a risk-taker, but would very much like to be. “More often than not, this kind of person’s life is pretty routine; he or she is super responsible,” Dr. Orbuch says. “However, this person has a slightly immature streak — that’s OK, by the way — that wants to step out and go wild. This car helps the owner express that part of his or her character; this individual wants to be perceived as young, carefree and spontaneous.”

What the car says about its owner’s love style: Because this driver is most likely not much of a risk-taker, when looking for a partner, he or she will be seeking someone who is. “He or she is up for something exciting and unpredictable and is probably looking for someone who is adventurous.” While the owner of this car is probably very tolerant of high-maintenance people and drama queens or kings, ultimately, Dr. Orbuch says, his or her main criteria in a mate is someone who knows how to have fun.

The car: A Toyota Prius or any other hybrid

What the car says about its owner: You guessed it: The person behind the wheel of a Prius chose an environmentally-friendly car because that cause is meaningful to him or her. “This driver is an energetic volunteer or cause-supporter who is often earnest and serious,” Dr. Orbuch notes. “This person is wearing his or her priorities on a sleeve (well, on the car…) and is interested in making a statement.” Just know that he or she “probably doesn’t have a sense of humor when it comes to rainforest preservation, veganism, or Dennis Kucinich,” she says. Ultimately, these drivers have good souls, she says: “People appreciate their commitment to their beliefs, even if they may be prone to preaching.”

What the car says about its owner’s love style: The hybrid driver is likely searching for someone who shares his or her politics and passions. “This driver is probably most apt to meet his or her perfect mate at a political march or a benefit,” says Dr. Orbuch. She also suggests that because this person may be a bit uptight in the love department; finding a mate who can loosen him or her up is essential.

The car: A BMW or other luxury sedan

What the car says about its owner: Owners of these types of cars — think the BMW 7 Series — believe that they’ve made their money, darn it, and they’ve got the right to spend, flaunt it and enjoy it. “They might be a bit annoying in the boasting department, but they are successful people who have earned some bragging rights,” says Dr. Orbuch.

What the car says about its owner’s love style: Dr. Orbuch says these people tend to be slightly insecure when it comes to relationships. “They are usually nervous about making big mistakes in the love department,” she explains. It’s important for them to feel successful in all aspects of their lives. While these drivers don’t mind someone who is impressed by their money, Dr. Orbuch says that they really do hope to meet someone who will like them for who they are. “The perfect mate for this kind of person is someone who is self-sufficient but genuinely happy to dote on a partner,” she says.

So, I drive an SUV. I do not have freeze dried energy bars in my car or anything like that. I do tend to keep stuff in the back of the car though. I only keep things there until I’m ready to take them into the house. Hey, it’s got that extra space in the back, right? The romance part is pretty dead on. I like adventure and I probably would have an extra toothbrush if you forgot yours.

How about you? What kind of car do you drive? Do you match up with the Love Doctor?

Happy Wednesday Everyone,
Vicki, 9 days until the movers come


Laurie K said...

Little sketchy on the type of person my car says I am - didn't think I was like that - huh! In romance I do like to be doted on - who knew not only do we pick the car - the car picks us.
Laurie K

Patricia W. said...

SUV but it's because I have a family of five. Hubby is 6' 7" with very long legs. Middle schooler at 5' 8" on his way. They need room, and no other car type provides that kind of space. Less a matter of control and more a matter of being practical for this period in my life.

Melissa said...

Well, the car I drive (sensible sedan) does not fit me, but does fit my husband. The car I want (and wanted when we purchased this "sensible"one) is an SUV. THe description there fits me to a "t". While I may not carry freeze dried protein bars, there probably is a ready-to-eat one laying around somewhere...just not sure one would WANT to eat it! :) Here's to getting an SUV at some point in the near-ish future! We were clearly made for each other. *wink*