Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Check In and New Contest

Monday has rolled in again. This time without the omg, it’s Monday theme plastered to it. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s because my daughter and SnL will be here in a couple of weeks and I’m getting excited to see them. Maybe it’s because the day job should be a bit more normal this week. Maybe it’s cause I re-vamped my website. Check it out and let me know what you think of the colors and stuff. Regardless of the reason, I’m not feeling the five-more-days-until-the-weekend that I normally feel on Mondays.

Before I do the word count and the contest for this week I wanted remind you to check out Anne-Marie’s blog today on writing software. AM, as we call her, has a wonderfully sassy voice which comes through in her blog as well as her writing. So, go check it out and on Tuesday she’s starting an interactive writing week. Sounds like it’s going to tons of fun.

Also, I’m sure you’re all reading the Manuscript Mavens blog each day, but be sure and check it out this morning. Their having a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ and today is day 1. So many fun things happening this time of year in the blog world.

Now onto this weeks check in. Word count: 4042 and that’s with two days of zero writing. I’m finding that my best writing day is Sunday. I still try to write everyday but on Sunday’s I can leave the computer on and write for a while, do what I need or want to do for a bit and then come back and write some more.

It’s contest time!

This week’s contest is featuring Julie Leto, Rhonda Nelson, and Mia Zachary in their new book Witchy Business.

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Regina St. Lyon's powers have been waning. Maybe she did betray love, but what else could a duped girl do? At the time, banishing hotter-than-thou Brock Aegis to the Middle Realm seemed like a good idea. But now Brock is back...

CASE FILE #2: Benedict DeWin is practically wizard royalty--and as magically gifted as a stale loaf of bread. But then he meets Bryony Flynn, another magical "failure"- whose only gift is to make certain things grow. Not that Benedict is complaining...

Born to a family of seers and shamans, Siobhan Silverhawk has accepted her magicless lifestyle. But when she meets recent widower J. B. Pendleton, Siobhan figures she has magic enough to make a love potion--which seems to have worked a little too well!

Case File #1 is Julie Leto’s story and if you read Stripped you’re going to love this book. If you haven’t read Stripped then what are you waiting for. Go get the book, get both books. :)

Here’s where you can read an excerpt for Witchy Business Case File #1.

So, how was your week? Did you meet your goals? Did you write, plot, think about your current wip or spend time critiquing and polishing your baby? How close to writing ‘The End’ are you?

Leave your comments so we can cheer and encourage you for the last week and the new week ahead. Oh yeah, and it will also enter you into this week’s contest. All comments through out the week will enter you.

Writing Wishes and Plotting Dreams,



Danika / OpenChannel said...

I didn't check in last week, but I've been averaging 5 writing days per week.

I wrote 6,250 words in the last two weeks for a total of 26,044 words so far. More than 1/2 way through!

Congrats on your steady writing as of late!

BTW - we just bought a house! Holy cow, I just moved in May and now we're moving again in 5 weeks.

Danika / OpenChannel said...

P.S. I love writing on Sunday mornings, too.

Amanda Brice said...

That looks like a great book!

Jill James said...

Vicki, great sounding book. We're having a hot time here in California right now, it's like the middle of summer and my mind is soooo not on writing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats ladies on your writing!

Another great book contest!

Terri W.

Patricia W. said...

Great to see that everyone is plugging away.

Still struggling with revisions but I forced myself to fully re-engage over the weekend, and I now have a scene by scene breakdown of the first two-thirds of the manuscript. I'll finish that up so that I can write a good synopsis, tighten up that first chapter, and enter the Super contest.

Vicki said...

Danika - That's a great word count. 1/2 there is awesome!! Sunday's are the best :)

Jill - I love to take my laptop outside and write but with the weather being so hot I haven't done that in a while.

Hey Amanda and Terri, thanks for stopping by.

Patricia - I'm getting ready to do the excel thing myself. :)

tetewa said...

This sounds like a great read from three good authors!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Love the new website! So clean and streamlined. And the colors are good too!

I'm still plugging along, not really keeping track of words, just trying to stay on track. (And trying to finish Harry Potter).

susanhatler said...

Great colors on your website. It looks very suspensy :)