Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Fun

For this week’s Wednesday Fun I’m sending you over to a couple of blogs.

AM has a great interactive story in which you get to participate in writing it. Read what’s written so far and then add your own next six lines. :)

Then make sure you check out the Manuscript Mavens blog where you’ll read the story thus far and then choose where the story is going from four possibilities. You don’t have to write this one. They got different guest bloggers coming in each day to add the next installment of the story from whichever one had the most votes on the previous day. Fun, Fun!!

It’s October and that means time to dress up the little ones and go get the candy. Or maybe you dress up as well. We do at the day job. It’s always fun to see who’s wearing what. :)

Your turn, do you dress up for Halloween? What’s your favorite costume?
Here's a Simpson Halloween if you want or have time to watch it. :)

WW’s and PD’s,


lacey kaye said...

Thanks, Vicki! Glad you're having fun. We are, too :-)

Anne-Marie Carroll said...

Hey Vicki. Don't laugh, I'm dressing as a kitty cat, or at least I think I am. I agree, Manuscript Mavens is a great blog.