Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday - Check Out The Plotmonkeys

Over in the Plotmonkey's jungle today they have author Cindi Myers. She is giving fabulous tips for writing.

If you haven’t been reading the Plotmonkeys what are you waiting for? This is a must read blog IMVHO. It’s both fun and informative.

During the week you'll become family as you read about their daily lives. Friday's is contest day! WhooHoo!! Gotta love contest and they have one of the best around. On Saturday’s you’ll find mini writing workshops to strengthen your craft. And Sunday's they announce the Friday winner. :)

Also, on Monday be sure and check Anne-Marie Caroll’s blog on Writing Software. On Tuesday she’s doing an interactive writing blog. Anyone who knows AM, knows that she has a great sassy comical voice. This is one blog you’re going to love.

I’m off now to a “Writers in Residence” workshop. Always learning, always improving the craft, and always taking advice from well-known authors who’ve paved the path.

Happy Writing Everyone,


Anne-Marie Carroll said...

Thanks for the plub, Vicki. A-M running over to the Plotmonkey's now.

Julie S said...

Have fun at your workshop! And thanks for the blog leads! I'm working on getting caught up on my blog-reading this weekend :-)

Sarah said...

Hey, Vicki. Thanks for the messages on my blog. I'm glad to be fairly steadily back into the blog world. This cold type thing has knocked me down a bit, so my "sweat with sven" word counts have been non-existent as of late. I had the hubby put a few pictures of my trips up on the website.

Not too much else I can think of. I'm going to go lay back down now!

Sarah =)

Danika / OpenChannel said...

So many great sites to visit! Isn't it awesome, as a writer, not to have to work in a vacuum? I love my virtual support system.

And speaking of... A visitor to my blog posted the results of my Weekend Workout on her own blog. I was so touched and inspired that I added a Mr. Linky so that anyone who completed the exercise could share with others.

I'm going to add the "Mr. Linky" to each Weekend Writing Workout from now on (usually posted on Fridays), so if anyone wants to share their results, they now can link to them. I'd love to see the results and get feedback from anyone. I'm working on a book of writing exercises for writing groups.

Hope you had a great time at the conference!